Christmas and Hanukah Feng Shui

The holidays are upon us so let the decorating begin!  If you want to throw a little Flying Star Feng Shui into the mix here are some suggestions for you.

Hanukah begins at sundown tomorrow which means you’ll be lighting your menorah if you celebrate this holiday.  If you follow Compass Feng Shui you may think that the south would be an ideal spot to place your menorah this year because the south represents Fame and Recognition in feng shui and is activated by fire. 

But Flying Star Feng Shui is much more dynamic than Compass Feng Shui and because of this you could end up creating problems for yourself.  That’s because the two Stars that sit in the south are the Conflict (wood) and Disaster (earth) Stars are stimulated by fire.  That means if you put your menorah in the south area of your home you could create conflicts that lead to big problems.  Not fun.

Instead, put your menorah in the west room of your home this year.  This month the Career (water) and Conflict (wood) Stars sit in the west.  Fire reduces the energy of the Conflict Star which means you can help reduce arguments and disagreements at home (or at work) by putting your menorah in the west this Hanukah.

If you celebrate Christmas you can put your tree in the west because the shape of the tree and the lights on the tree both represent fire energy.  So putting the Christmas tree in the west area of your home (and/or office) is good for reducing conflict energy this month.

You can also put your Christmas tree  or menorah in the east to support the Windfall Star that sits there this month.   Since the east represents Family the Windfall Star can bring an unexpected opportunity or financial windfall (like a refund or bonus) this month.  The east is also wood energy in feng shui so the tree supports this Family area nicely too.   If you put a menorah here use a wooden one if possible.

Not sure how to lay out the bagua for your home?  Let me do it for you!  Just click here.

Happy holidays!

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    Dec 11, 2010 @ 00:28:53

    I think your rss feed is broken, please fix!


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