Flying Star outlook – November 2010

It’s almost November and the new Stars fly in on the 7th!

Below is the Flying Star Feng Shui outlook for the coming month.

November 2010 Flying Star outlook

November Flying Star Feng Shui outlook

Here is the outlook in more detail by direction:

Northeast – This month the Illness Star and the Disaster Star sit together in the area of feng shui that’s tied to Wisdom and Education.  This means we could see more news about cuts to education, lack of funds for scholarships, teacher strikes popping up and even school closures (elementary, middle, high school and colleges) all because of the energy of these Stars. 

If your bedroom is in the Northeast area of your home you’re more prone to catching whatever bug is floating around the office or at school (if you’re a student).  Be sure to use your feng shui activations/remedies here.  If you have a serious illness or are pregnant it’s best to find another room to sleep in this month.

North – The energy of the Flying Stars sitting in the north create a perfect scenario for an affair.  It’s also very likely that if you’re having an affair with someone at the office you’re going to get caught and there’s an excellent chance your spouse is going to want a divorce.  Since reconcilliation isn’t in the Stars right now you’d better be sure what you’re doing is worth it.

Northwest – This area is susceptible to accidental fires so if your kitchen is in the NW area of your home double check to make sure you’ve turned off the stove, coffee pot and other appliances after you’ve used them.  If your bathroom is here be sure to unplug the curling iron and hair dryer before going to work or school.  On the upside it’s possible you could get a bonus or raise from your boss or a financial windfall from someone you look to as a mentor.

East – This area is challenging for families and government because the two Flying Stars sitting here like to create conflict.  Don’t be surprised if you hear about election lawsuits (even though the elections take place before these Stars get together) and government gridlock in some places because of the election results on November 2nd. 

Families are more prone to disagreements this month, especially those families with young men.  If you have a son he may be disagreeable this month even if he’s normally not that way.  It’s just the Stars making waves and things will be better next month.

Center – The Star combination here can be good for real estate but it just doesn’t feel beneficial right now.  My outlook is that the real estate markets will continue to be weak in general and cash flow in this area will be anemic.

West – Well, finally!  A direction with some good Stars in it.  This is a fabulous area for academic success and creativity.   Have your children study in the west area of your home this month if possible.  If not, have them sit so they’re facing west when they do their homework. 

If you’re an artist (writer, painter, musician, sculptor, etc.) the west is a great area of your home/studio to get really creative and produce some amazing work.  You will very likely surprise yourself!

Southwest –  The Flying Stars in the SW are likely to create real estate gridlock.  We know about the foreclosure paperwork problems but more information is likely to come out about just how bad it is and how the reach of the problem extends into other areas no one had considered or wanted to talk about yet.  Do not buy a home right now and don’t sign any real estate contracts.  You are very likely to regret it.

South –  Teenagers are more likely to have accidents this month due to the Stars in the south.   If you have a teenager at home make sure they buckle up in the car, wear protective gear when riding bikes, skateboards, roller blades, etc.  A little safety can make the difference.

Southeast – This is another good area this month.  In fact if you’ve been thinking about taking a romantic weekend away this is a great month to do it.  Travel and romance are in the Stars this month!

Now that you have the Flying Star outlook you’ll want to put your Feng Shui activations and remedies in place.  You can find them here:


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  1. Lana
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 14:37:35

    My bedroom is in the South and I have a teenager but his bedroom is in the East. It looks like “Teenagers are more likely to have accidents this month due to the Stars in the south.” Does it mean that only teenagers that sleep in the South have a risk of accidents this month? Or does it apply to anybody that occupies this area?
    Thank you!


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