Feng Shui Flying Stars out Tyler Clementi and 4 other boys this month

Raymond Chase

Raymond Chase

September was a tragic month for five young men.  All were teenagers who were bullied by classmates for being homosexual:
–Raymond Chase, a 19 year old culinary student at Johnson & Wales
–Billy Lucas, a 15 year old high school freshman from Indiana
–Seth Walsh, age 13 from California
— Asher Brown, age 13 of Cypress, TX

And finally, the most recognized name of all, Tyler Clementi, an 18 year old freshman attending Rutgers University.

Asher Brown

Asher Brown

Why did so many young men take their lives this month?  A better question may be why did they take their lives at all. 

The most obvious answer would seem to be that they just couldn’t take the harrassment any longer and decided it was too much to bear.  But why did they pick September to end it all?  Well, because the feng shui Flying Stars were ideal for these young men who felt they could no longer go on.

Billy Lucas

Billy Lucas

Here’s what I mean.  In September, the Flying Stars sitting in the south created a combination that is believed to stimulate homosexuality.  These Stars also happen to create problems for young men, so the combination of Stars created the perfect negative environment for escalating hateful acts and behavior towards these boys. 

Seth Walsh

Seth Walsh

In feng shui the south happens to represent Fame and Recognition and the result was that the Flying Stars that put  the boys’ homosexuality in the spotlight for everyone in their schools to see.   In essence, they became even bigger targets for the bullies than normal. 

Because of this it’s not surprising that the video encounter of Tyler Clementi and his friend landed on the internet.  The Flying Stars made it easy for this to happen in September.

Tyler Clementi

Tyler Clementi

In fact, it’s no surprise that all five of these boys ended up gaining worldwide fame this past month.  What is surprising is that these children had to endure being bullied at all.   My heart goes out to them and their families.

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