Flying Star Feng Shui Outlook for October 2010

If September was a good month for you, congratulations!  If not, it’s  no surprise that’s because the Flying Stars sitting on Family created blocks to money and career. 

I heard a lot of business owners lamenting that September was their worst month financially in years.  One business owner said the last time his monthly revenue was so low was 12 years ago when he started his business.  Another guy said his business was down over 80 percent last month. 

Disappointing but not surprising given the difficult feng shui.

So what about October?  Do things look any better? 

The answer is YES!

Here is the October outlook for each direction.  Remember, the new Flying Star month begins on October 8th:

October 2010 Flying Star Feng Shui outlook

Southeast – This direction represents wealth and this month the Flying Stars are not favorable for investing so hold off on starting a new business.  If you do go ahead you will probably find yourself working hard and losing money in spite of your efforts.  This month disagreements between mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws is more likely too.

South –  Try to avoid anything that could trigger a lawsuit this month.  This isn’t usually a problem for most people.  If you’ve been waiting for a court date for a lawsuit you’re involved in you’re very likely to hear news about it between now and early November.  

Southwest –  This direction has Flying Stars that are somewhat two-faced this month.  On the one hand, the Stars sitting hear could create big problems in partnerships and marriages to the point of being disasterous.  On the other hand, these Stars also create the opportunity for very positive change in partnerships and marriages too, though the process may be challenging. 

West –  If you have children you may find that they’re more prone to accidents or even picking up colds and the flu this month.  Just make sure they wash their hands before eating, buckle up in the car and wear the right gear when they’ re playing sports.

Center – This area is difficult for young boys so if your son’s room is in the center of your home you may want to have them sleep in another room this month.  If you have a bedroom in the East that would be the ideal spot.

East – Hurray!  This direction, which represents family, finally has some favorable Flying Stars.  It would not be surprising to see some kind of unexpected national tax relief passed (even though Congress says they’re not voting til after the election).   If you’re looking for a job or someone in your family is looking for a job one could very easily land in your lap or their lap in October.   It’s also possible to get money out of the blue like from an unexpected refund, a gift or even a loan.

Northeast – This area is good for making money in real estate, landscaping, and other earth based businesses.  If your house is for sale put your listing documents here this month.

North – The Flying Star combination here is known for creating marital stress and if you find this to be true for you it’s likely to be over career or job matters.  On the flip side, this is another area that can be beneficial for real estate.

Northwest –  This month it’s possible to get some advice from a mentor who is famous in their particular field.  It’s also a great month to make new friends and network with others.  Put your Rolodex or personal address book here.

Remember to take down your September Flying Star Feng Shui activations before you put your October activations in place.  You can find your October Flying Star Feng Shui activations here:

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  1. Fengshui Secrets
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 20:17:19

    It is the knowledge of feng-shui i.e., the knowledge of the power and influence of our surroundings and more particularly the element of wind and water that makes all the difference… It determines whether we thrive in a environment of positive or negative energy; and that is what makes for a healthy, wealthy & successful life.


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