Pastor Terry Jones may not be burning the Quran but others probably will

Pastor Terry Jones

Pastor Terry Jones of Gainesville, Florida

Pastor Terry Jones made international headlines when his church in Gainesville, FL announced it would burn the Quran on Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010 to mark the 9th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.  Why anyone gave this guy the time of day is beyond me. 

As a teenager growing up in Oklahoma I was stunned to find my friends’ churches holding book burnings and record burnings on a regular basis and recruiting school children to participate.  This was in the 1980s, not the 1950s.  As outrageous as I found this it certainly never made the news and I’m sure it still goes on today without CBS, NBC, ABC or FOX saying a word about it.

Anyway, somehow a church of 50 lunatics and their even crazier pastor were able to accomplish something churches with much larger congregations in the Midwest have not.  You have to give the guy credit for his PR skills if nothing else.

Besides the fact that the reasoning for the Quran burning was to commemorate the 9/11 attacks Iwondered if the Feng Shui Flying Stars had anything to say about this event.

They did.

This month the two Flying Stars that sit in the area of Religion on the Feng Shui bagua are the Illness and Violence Stars.  When these two come together they run the risk of creating a fire. 

As it turns out these two Stars not only sit in the area of Religion this month but also the area for books so it’s not really surprising that the burning of religious books would come up this month. 

We may even see fires break out in religious buildings like temples, churches, synagogues, etc.  These fires could be due to arson, electrical problems, lightening or other causes but since the Violence Star is on religion the odds are more likely that fires will be started due to criminal behavior rather than mother nature or accidents.

Because of the fire energy created by the Illness and Violence Stars in September don’t be surprised if Pator Terry Jones changes his mind and holds his Quran burning after all.   If he doesn’t you can be sure some other church will.

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9/15/10 Update:  Just found this article about a guy getting fired for burning a Koran in NYC on 9/11:


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