Clearing the bench with feng shui color

In the early days of learning feng shui I used to tell everyone about it who would listen.  Most people got more information than they bargained for or, quite frankly, even wanted.  That’s how I am though.  When I get excited about something I go on and on until your eyes glaze over from being inundated with information.

Now that I’ve been studying and doing feng shui for six years my desire to share everything I know has waned partially because after all this time I realize that people in the U.S. really don’t ‘get’ feng shui.  Most think it’s about decorating your home and are not interested in hearing about energy flow and elements.  They just want to know what color couch to get for the living room.

The other reason my need to wax on endlessly has subsided is that there is simply some information that is beyond mental comprehension.  Unless you have experienced certain things the feng shui explanations don’t make sense.  They sound way too ‘woo woo’ and leave people looking uncomfortably at their watch as they come up with reasons to make a quick getaway.

What I have discovered, though, is that if you give people the chance to experience the ‘woo woo’ sounding feng shui ideas and strategies it’s not weird anymore.  In fact, it’s quite transformational.

With that in mind I decided to post a ‘woo woo’ strategy I learned from my Feng Shui Master, Marie Diamond, who I still study with to this day.  It’s all about color, but not in the way you think.  It’s about sending color to others.

Last year a chiropractor called me to his office to help him with his feng shui.  I had already created a plan for him about six months earlier and his business was up.  He really called me back for a ‘tune up’ because they had moved some things around and done some remodeling since I had last been in.

As I walked the chiropractor through the office mentioning feng shui changes (there weren’t many to make) we ended up at the front door.  The chiropractor looked out and pointed to a man sitting on a bench about 12 feet from his office. 

 “See that guy?” he asked.  “He’s there all the time.  He’s a drunk and one time he came in and passed out here on the reception room floor,” he said pointing to the tile.

“I’ve complained to the property manager and have had him removed from the property.  Is there any feng shui to get rid of him?”

“Actually there is,” I said.  “I want you to imagine sending the man on the bench rose red light.  All you’re doing is sending this light from you to him.   You don’t need to attach any emotion to it and don’t force him to accept it.  Just send him the rose red light and in your mind let him know it’s there for him when he’s ready to accept it.” 

I then told the chiropractor that the rose red light is the energy of unconditional love.  That made him frown so I reminded him he wasn’t attaching emotion to the light and that I wasn’t asking him to love this guy unconditionally, just to send him the light and that’s it.

The chiropractor closed his eyes for about 30 seconds and did it, though reluctantly.  When he opened his eyes I told him to do this every time he saw the homeless man on the bench. 

As I was talking the chiropractor said, “Hey, look.  He’s gone!  That guy is never gone.  I can’t ever remember not seeing him there.”

Then he looked at me with wide eyed disbelief. 

I just smiled. 

Try this whenever you’re feeling angry, disappointed or upset with someone.  It works wonders. 

If you’re interested in taking a course on the colors you can visit  They offer classes throughout the year.


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