September 2010 Flying Star remedies and activations

The new Stars for September fly in on the 8th so get ready to take down your August remedies and activations and put up the new ones for September.

In a few days I will post the outlook for September for you.  In the meantime here are the feng shui activation for the month:

September 2010 Flying Star activations and remedies

September 2010 Flying Star activations


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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. deb
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 09:05:49

    Chris, my hubby had auto accident in august, had you posted something to effect “watch the males in the house they are risk for accidents this month?”…someone had..anyway the ER was FULL and I mean FULL august 23 with auto accidents!…I just sat there “nodding and recalling someone had indicated this…
    Have a blessed day, look forward to sept blog! Deb


  2. ute
    Sep 05, 2010 @ 19:06:11

    hi chris, my name is ute and i am the first time on your site .i thought its a great site but i am confused.for september you said to put 4 bamboo stalks in the north. i thought in chinese the number 4 sounds like death and thats why they dont like to use the number 4 as much .it is feng shui in chinese also ?right?please explainto me how it works.thank you in advance. ute


    • cbarr
      Sep 06, 2010 @ 21:29:10

      The Chinese word for ‘four’ sounds similar to the word ‘death’ so the number four is usually avoided in addresses, phone numbers, etc.
      Feng shui has it’s own set of rules which don’t coincide with Chinese superstition.


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