No surprise (Flying) Star Ellen DeGeneres leaves American Idol

Ellen DeGeneres quits American Idol

Ellen DeGeneres

Yesterday Ellen DeGeneres formally announced she would be leaving the show American Idol after just one season as a judge there.  Ellen joined the show in September 2009.

When I heard this I knew it was because of her Flying Star Feng Shui this year that this was happening because last year her Flying Stars indicated this position would be short lived.

Here’s what I mean.

Everyone has what we call four ‘personal’ directions in feng shui: Success, Health, Relationships and Wisdom.  Every year each of these directions has a different Flying Star that sits there and these Stars give clues about what opportunities and/or challenges are likely to present themselves in your life for the year. 

In 2009 Ellen DeGeneres had the Windfall Star on her Success direction and the Illness Star on her Relationship direction.  She also had the Conflict Star on her Wisdom direction.

So what does this all mean?  It means that an opportunity would come out of the blue that was related to her career (which is the job as a judge on American Idol) but that she would not be sure that taking the job would be a good idea because of the Conflict Star on her Wisdom which represents your judgement and decision making. 

On top of this the job would require a lot of hard work (the Illness Star) and could even create mental, emotional or physical stress for her which, it turns out, it did because she said she didn’t like having to say negative things to the contestants about their performances and gave this as one of the reasons for leaving American Idol.

This year she decided to leave the show but couldn’t make the announcement publicly until now and the Flying Star Feng Shui supports this decision too.

In 2010 Ellen has the Transformation Star sitting on her Success direction indicating a big change in her career or some aspect of her work.  Many times when people have this Star on their Success direction they either quit a job, get fired or start a new job.  In this case Ellen DeGeneres is quitting her job as a judge on American Idol.

Her Wisdom direction has the Illness Star on it this year indicating that she didn’t come to this decision lightly.  That’s because the Illness Star in this position requires you to think hard about changing your mind or coming up with new plans.

In addition to all this DeGeneres has the Star of New Beginnings on her Relationship direction so it’s likely that she’ll be making new friends or connecting with new people in her business or a new business she creates.  When I saw this I did some digging around and discovered she launched her own record label this spring which fits right into her personal feng shui this year.

I never get tired of looking at this because it’s so interesting to me.

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  2. Luis Vazquez
    Oct 01, 2010 @ 20:13:49

    Chriss, today is the very first time i am reading the info you share here at your website, first of all i want to thank you for doing that, i find it very clear and with a very practical focus.

    i have been learning and practicing Feng Shui since 1999, actually i give consultations once in a while, lets say 3-5 a year, but right here at Guadalajara people believe and at the same time don’t believe in feng shui, they look for some consultation when things are really getting very bad in their lives.

    For me today whille reading the article about Degeneres carrer changes really opened my mind about that way of getting the outlook for someone’s period by mixing the info of the KUA number and the flying star numbers, AGAIN thank you very much…………….

    Luis Vazquez
    Guadalajara, Mexico.


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