Tony Hayward to collect unemployment (and tar balls)? A feng shui perspective

Tony Hayward, CEO of BP

Tony Hayward, (former?) CEO of BP

Tony Hayward has become a household name across the U.S. due to the BP (British Petroleum) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico this past April. 

The media has been speculating for week’s that Hayward would be asked to resign from his post as CEO but the company has continually denied it.  But now it seems his resignation is imminent.

Although Tony Hayward wasn’t directly involved in the engineering and building of the rig that collapsed and exploded he is the guy in charge of BP so the buck stops with him. 

Some corporate CEOs manage to hang onto their positions in times of a company crisis but when their personal Flying Star Feng Shui is bad the odds are high they’ll be getting a pink slip instead.

That’s the case for Tony Hayward.

This year Hayward has some difficult Flying Stars working against him as it relates to his career and support from the people around him.  In fact he has the Fame Star sitting smack dab on his Success direction which affects his career.

Now the Fame Star sounds beneficial and it can be when it’s sitting in the right direction.  In fact when it’s on your career direction in puts you in the spotlight at work and can even get you media attention which is how Hayward has experienced this Star.   

But Tony Hayward’s Success direction is northwest and when the Fame Star that sits there it brings bad luck.  In fact it’s the worst possible direction for the Fame Star to be in.   So while he’s in the public eye it’s for all the wrong reasons. 

What’s worse is that the northwest is the direction for Helpful People and with the Fame Star there it can mean that your network of supporters disappears leaving you standing all alone. 

The other Flying Star causing him grief is the Illness Star sitting on his Relationship direction.  This Star brings emotional, physical and mental stress from the people around you.  Certainly the Gulf rig explosion and the people in charge of the project who overlooked safety have created plenty of stress for Tony Hayward this year. 

The other challenge the Illness Star brings is hard work and since it’s on his Relationship direction it means that Hayward has to work harder to connect with and work with people which can bring even more stress.

In other words 2010 is just not Tony Hayward’s year. 

And if rumors are correct that he’ll be out of work by Monday it wouldn’t be a surprise because this month he has two Flying Stars that are putting even more negative energy on his Success and Relationship directions.

The first one is the Robbery Star on his career direction which is indicative of job loss.  The other is a doubling of the Illness Star energy on his Relationship direction. 

If he does lose his job Tony’s best bet is to lay low until February because that’s when his Flying Star Feng Shui will change for the better. 

In the meantime maybe he can get a job helping with the cleanup in Louisiana.  I hear Governor Jindal is looking for help.


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