Reverand Ted Haggard’s (feng shui) comeback

Ted Haggard opens a new church

Reverand Ted Haggard

Remember evangelical preacher Ted Haggard who admitted to paying male prostitute Mike Jones for sexual favors for three years?  Well apparently all you need is a good talking to in order to undo ‘being gay’ because that’s the verdict 4 of his minister buddies declared after Haggard attended three weeks of counseling.

Now whether it was effective in eliminating the reverand’s need for crystal meth is another question altogether.  The counselling ministers were mum on the subject of Haggard’s drug use and the not-gay-anymore-at-least-until-his-wife-is-out-of-the-picture rev says he’s now a “heterosexual with issues.” 

And now that he’s a straight man with issues he has, of course, opened a new church in St. James, Colorado.   On an interview with CNN which you can see here:  Reverand Ted says that his new congregation is growing quickly.

What’s odd about this interview is that he smiles as he thanks the thieves, prostitutes, bank robbers, liars, adulterers and drug addicts who make up his new congregation for giving him a second chance at returning to the ministry.   He says his new followers are all people just like him. 

Clearly the law of attraction is working for him but what about his Flying Star Feng Shui?

Interestingly enough Ted Haggard’s personal feng shui is tied to prayer and spiritual growth so all that he’s going through and putting himself through in this lifetime is playing a big part in his spiritual development.

This year in particular the rev has the Flying Star known as the Transformation Star on his career direction.  This Star always indicates a big change of somekind and usually it’s unexpected.  Opening a new church and having the congregation grow by the hundreds in just a few short weeks is definitely a big change for Haggard.

It’s very likely his congregation will continue to grow to the point of gaining national and even international recognition again next year because he’ll have the Relationship Star on his career next year.   If you’re running your own business, or a church like Ted Haggard, this is always a good sign that the number of clients will increase.  It’s also a sign that people who have shunned him as a result of his indescretions 3 1/2 years ago will rally around him again next year.

The other beneficial Flying Star working in the reverand’s favor is the New Beginning Star sitting on his Relationship direction.  This always indicates new people coming into your life on a personal and/or professional basis.  So once again, it’s a very good sign that his church will keep growing.

Next year the Fame Star will sit on his Relationship direction which ties in nicely with the Relationship Star on his career direction next year.  It’s another sign that he’ll be front and center in some way– either in the media or in the church community — in a big way.

Opening the church on June 1 was another good move because the Flying Stars in his career and relationship directions for the month were the same as those that are there for 2010.  This means the feng shui energy was doubly strong for him. 

It just goes to show you that even if you get caught leading a secret life and lose it all you can turn it all around with three weeks of counseling and the right Flying Star Feng Shui.

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