Flying Stars not surprised by gay marriage ruling

Gay couple celebrates Boston rulingYesterday a federal judge in Boston ruled that a federal ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.  You can read the article here for more details and it made me wonder about the Flying Star Feng Shui involved with this ruling.

In classical Feng Shui the area that rules marriage is the southwest and this year the Transformation Star sits there.  This means that we’re likely to change our previously held notions of what a  traditional relationship and even marriage should look like this year.  So this ruling fits the Transformation Star perfectly.

On top of that the Conflict Star sits in the southwest for the month of July meaning that this ruling is going to create some backlash from people who only believe men should marry women and that gay marriage is wrong.   While it’s no surprise that there are people who will be angry it IS interesting that the ruling came out when the Conflict Star landed on marriage and partnerships.  This indicates that people are going to be more angry about the judge’s decision than expected so don’t be surprised if you see some religious groups or right wing groups come out against gay marriage in a big way.

Another intriguing note is that the combination of the Transformation Star with the Conflict Star creates disagreements about finances.  As it turns out the reason that the ban on gay marriage was ruled unconstitutional is that it denies married gay couples some federal (financial) benefits like Medicaid even if they live in a state where gay marriage is legal, like Massachusetts.

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