Why the real estate market is still in the dumps (a feng shui perspective)

Sales chartThe statistics are grim.  Real estate prices are up for the first time in seven months but pending home sales were down 30% in May.  Most of this is attributed to the expiration of the tax credit for first time home buyers which Congress has now reinstated and tightened lending practices by banks.

It’s no better for commercial real estate either.  In fact the 6/30/10 healine on the Business Insider website reads: If there’s a bottom in sight for commercial real estate, we can’t see it.

It really doesn’t matter whether Congress artificially props up the market.  It’s not going to turn around the real estate industry this year if the Feng Shui Flying Stars have anything to do with it.

That’s because there are three really troubling Stars that sit on the areas where ‘earth’ is located.  (In Feng Shui the elements are earth, water, fire, metal and wood.)  The earth element is tied to — you guessed it — real estate.

The first Star to cause problems is the Illness Star sitting in the northeast.  The Illness Star makes the earth energy here anemic, sickly, weak.  This means the real estate market is going to be anemic, sickly and weak this year.

The second and most troubling Flying Star is the Disaster Star sitting in the southwest.  This Star indicates that the real estate market is in for big changes and they’re not going to be pleasant.  On the upside this Star demands that you make changes because things aren’t working the way they’re being done now.  This means the real estate industry is going to need to change the way they do business to turn things around.

And finally the Abundance Star sits right in the middle of the Illness and Disaster Stars.   In essence it is being ‘block in’ by these other two Stars and this is preventing real money (not money created out of thin air by the government in the way of tax incentives) from coming in to the real estate market.

In case you’re wondering these three Flying Stars will be sitting on these earth areas until early February 2011.   The good news is that next year the Stars will be much better and we’ll likely see the real estate industry head in a new direction.


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