Betty White’s shining (feng shui) stars

Betty White on SNL

Betty White hosts SNL


Who doesn’t love Betty White?  She’s funny, charming and reminds you of your own grandmother or the little old lady next door.     

After her show The Golden Girls ended we didn’t see much of her around.  But ever since the Facebook campaign to get her on Saturday Night Live (SNL) she’s been everywhere from the Snicker’s Super Bowl commercial to SNL where she was happy to tell us all about her tremendous muffin and now to a new show called Hot in Cleveland where she plays a disagreeably lovable grounds keeper.     

It’s as though her career has taken off again so I thought we’d look at her personal Flying Star Feng Shui to see if there are any clues about her renewed popularity this year.     

Betty White has two Flying Stars that are directly involved with her succes this year.  The first one is the Transformation Star sitting on her Career direction and the Career Star sitting on her Relationship direction.     

When these two Stars move into your Career and Relationship directions you can bet you’ll see a change in your work and the people around you.       

The Transformation Star always brings change of some kind and almost always in a sudden and unexpected way.   Since this Star is on her Career direction it meant that a sudden change would occur for her as an actress.     

The other Star in play is the Career Star on her Relationship direction which brings new people into her life that want to help her succeed in her work.   So it’s no surprise that Facebook fans decided to rally around her and push SNL to have Betty host the show.      

This is a great year for Betty White and it’s fun to see someone who is 88 years old on the entertainment pages right next to women 1/3 her age with 1/3 of her talent.


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  1. Krista
    Jul 06, 2010 @ 12:04:54

    I was so glad to hear from you , via your email this morning and that you are back in form of a blog.

    with best wishes,



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