Lindsay Lohan gets a feng shui punch

Lindsay Lohan turns 24 years old.

Lindsay Lohan

Yesterday Lindsay Lohan turned 24 and instead of blowing out candles took a blow to the face.

It seems that young Lindsay was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  She and actor Doug Reinhart were hanging out at a club in Los Angeles when a waitress came up and punched her in the face.

Turns out the waitress used to date Reinhart and apparently didn’t like seeing him with anyone else. 

This isn’t exactly the best year for Lindsay’s relationships because she has the Feng Shui Flying Star known as the Conflict Star on her Relationship direction this year.  This is why the judge was so harsh on her when her ankle bracelet was triggered earlier in the year and why the waitress punched her in the face.

The Conflict Star brings exactly that — disagreements, arguments, angry people and legal problems.   And since this Star is on Lindsay’s Relationship direction it means that this year she’ll be experiencing more conflict with other people than usual.

In addition to using her feng shui remedies for the year Lindsay would benefit from listening more than talking this year, learning how to be patient with other people and asking her friends and family how she can be of help to them  rather than the other way around.  All these things will help to soften the energy of this Star for her.

Let’s hope she gets this message before someone pops her in the mouth again.


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