July Flying Star Feng Shui outlook and remedies

Back in April I decided to take a vacation from blogging for a while and decide whether I wanted to do feng shui as a business or just for fun.    Fun won out over business so I’ll be posting Flying Star Feng Shui outlooks, remedies, stories and other information for anyone who wants to see it here on my blog.

To kick off the new direction of my feng shui adventures let’s start with the outlook for July 2010’s Flying Stars and see what possibilities lie ahead.

If you’re not familiar with Flying Star Feng Shui it’s an ancient Chinese philosophy used to provide clues about what possibilities lie ahead.  So in a way it’s kind of like numerology and astrology because while the Flying Stars have specific meanings their interpretation is going to be different for each person based on their situation in life.  You have to consult with a Flying Star Feng Shui Master to find out what they mean for you.

On a broader basis we can look at these Flying Stars and see in general what possibilities lie ahead for the month which is what this blog is all about.

Here are the possibilities for July 2010:

Flying Star feng shui chart July 2010

Flying Star chart - July 2010

In Flying Star Feng Shui there are 4 positive Stars, 4 challenging Stars and one neutral Star.  This is why you will see both positive and not-so-positive possibilities on a Flying Star chart each month.

Looking at July we can see that there are more challenging aspects than positive ones.  The good news is that there are feng shui remedies we can use to reduce the energy of the negative areas and enhance the energy of the positive directions.

Here is the outlook for July by direction:

  • Southeast – In feng shui the southeast represents banking, wealth, and farming to name a few things.  This month the Flying Stars in the southeast will increase the chances of arguments over money, more conflict with regard to our banking system or even the discovery that there are serious problems with our banking system that may appear very troubling, and even the possibility that news comes out exposing illness caused by unhealthy food processing, dirty restaurants or questionable farming practices.  This is not the month to take out a loan or make investments.  This is the month to be practical with your finances.
  • East –  The east area represents family and government.  Because there is windfall energy here we could see Congress passing the law to extend unemployment benefits this month and at the same time this will create stress for those in government because of the added burden to the deficit.  The energy in the east could also mean that you receive some kind of financial windfall from someone or an inheritance.  Note that ‘financial windfall’ doesn’t necessarily mean a huge pot of money.  It’s money you get that you didn’t expect.
  • South – This area of feng shui represents fame and recognition.  This month we may see a famous person become jealous of another famous person and make negative comments publicly about it.  If you’re well known in your office or industry you could be the jealous one or be on the receiving end of jealous comments or gossip.
  • Center – The center of the feng shui square (called the bagua) is another positive area this month and could bring a financial windfall to you.  You could also find that as soon as this money comes in it goes right back out either because you can use it to buy something you’ve had your eye on or to pay expenses you need to cover.
  • North – The north represents career in feng shui and the Stars that sit here could mean that people at work (including clients, your boss and/or co-workers) create stress for you or wear you down.  This is a good month to take a vacation and if you can’t then make sure you do things that relax and revive you after work and on weekends.
  • Northwest – In feng shui this area represents space travel, air travel, mentors and helpful people.   In July the energy here indicates we could see airlines raise their fees again, a hijacking, a possible terrorist attempt to harm a group of people, people in positions of power raising taxes or fees for their services or even accidents while traveling. 
  • West – This is the area of children, creativity and technology.  The Flying Stars here are terrific for new technology to be created or even offered to the public so we may see new products come onto the market now.  It’s also good for people who have careers in writing, acting, art or child care.
  • Southwest – represents partnerships such as marriage and business partnerships.  This is a terrible month to go into business with someone else because disagreements are highly likely. 

Okay, now that we know what possibilities lie ahead (again, you may be affected differently depending on your personal feng shui) let’s look at the feng shui remedies:

Flying star feng shui remedies for July 2010

Flying Star remedies July 2010

The way to set up feng shui for your home is to:

  1. Draw out a sketch of your floor plan
  2. Write down where N, S, E, W, SE, SW, NE and NW are on your floor plan.  If you don’t know what directions go where you can take a compass reading.  I have some videos on Youtube you can watch to find out how to find compass directions.  Here’s one of them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaGALZwDB6c
  3. Draw a tic-tac-toe symbol over your floor plan
  4. Put your feng shui remedies in place based on the feng shui plan you just created for your house.

As an added note if you’re house has a front, garage or back door in the east, center or west you can use to come and go from your house this month then use those since this is where the best energy is located for July.

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6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ana M. Oliveira
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 10:17:41

    So NICE to see your monthly comments again, Chriss. I tryy to adapt your advices with your 2 books (4 ways and Annual FS 2010), but it’s much better to read something very specific for this month. Thank You!


  2. Becky Cochran
    Jul 04, 2010 @ 13:23:24

    Thanks for coming back and sharing all of your great knowledge. I have felt out in the dark since you left.


  3. Jennifer Slater
    Jul 06, 2010 @ 10:23:29

    Your email letting me know about this blog this morning made my day! So glad to see your monthly outlook again! By the way, what’s going on the NW corner this month? (I see the remedy is a bowl of salt water.) Sooo glad you’re back!


    • cbarr
      Jul 06, 2010 @ 11:45:04

      Hi Jennifer, thanks for the nice words. If you look at the top part of the July outlook blog article you’ll see what’s going on in the NW this month.


  4. Krista
    Jul 06, 2010 @ 12:10:07

    Hi Chriss!! I was so glad to hear from you this morning via email. It’s great to have you “back” , sharing your wonderful wealth of Feng Shui wisdom.

    With best wishes,



  5. Holly Davis
    Jul 07, 2010 @ 17:21:22

    SO great to have you in our lives again! After knowing what’s possible because of you, I agree with Becky–it was like trolling around in the dark without you!
    You were missed. And you’re appreciated so much! Thank you!


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