Schools being star struck

In the past month
or so there have been numerous articles in the news about public school closings and teacher layoffs expected across the country for the 2010-2011 school year. 
Kansas City officials voted to close 29 of their 61 schools for the coming year.  That’s 47% of their education facilities.
Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. Education 
And today the New York Times posted that districts in North Carolina, California, Illinois and New York will be cutting a total of 60,000 teaching jobs this coming year.  The nation’s Secretary of Education is predicting that between 100,000 and 300,000 jobs in public education will be cut this year across the board due to lack of state revenue.
So what’s going on here?  Why is education being hit so hard this year?
We all know that property taxes account for much of the funding that goes toward schools and property values are down so it’s no mystery that revenue is lean.
The other piece is the timing.  Why cuts now when property values have been down for a few years? 
We can look at the Feng Shui Flying Stars for answers to that question. 
This year the Flying Star that sits in the area of education and learning is called the Illness Star. 
The way the Illness Star affects businesses that are involved in education, which includes public schools, is to create anemic cash flow.  There isn’t enough money to cover the bills when this Star comes calling.
The other challenge this year is that another feng shui energy called Grand Duke Jupiter sits in the Northeast which is the area for education.  This energy creates conflict, disagreement and disruption.
So in addition to the Flying Star being challenging schools and businesses in education are experiencing additional turmoil due to Grand Duke Jupiter.
The good news is that there are remedies for both the Illness Star and Grand Duke Jupiter.
If you’re finding that some area of your life isn’t working the way you want it to it may be due to the Flying Stars this year.  Since feng shui accounts for 1/3 of your luck it helps to use feng shui remedies and activations to improve your luck. 


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