Polish President Lech Kaczynski and Flying Stars

Lech KaczynskiYesterday Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski and 96 others died in a plane crash on their way to a memorial ceremony in Russia.   On the plane with the Polish President were his wife and numerous government officials from Poland. 

This is quite a blow to this small European country and given that they were on their way to honor 22,000 Polish officers who were killed by the Soviet Secret Police in April 1940.   The Soviets denied their involvement and blames the Nazis until 1989 when the USSR collapsed and Gorbachev admitted to the slaughter.

The combination of the airplane crash and the event it was tied to makes the death of the President and everyone else on board all the more tragic.

This year is an extremely difficult year for air travel, leaders and even space travel from a Feng Shui perspective and that’s because the Fame Star sits in the area tied to these things.

Now you would think that the Fame Star would be a positive thing but because the Fame Star is made of the fire element having it sit in the Northwest where airline travel and leadership sit could not be worse.  In fact Feng Shui Masters call this Fire at Heaven’s Gate and it’s considered very bad luck.

Because this Star sits in the Northwest it is not really surprising that the Polish President’s plane went down or that the IRS building in Austin, TX was blown up by an airplane.  In fact it would not be surprising if we find that other government officials leave this world during the year and experience further disruptions to air travel or even airline disasters. 

The fire energy of the Fame Star could even mean bombing of airplanes which would not be hard to do since cargo that is carried by commercial airplanes is not screened the way passenger baggage is. 

It is a difficult time for the people of Poland and has left people all over the world quite somber so now is the time for the healing to begin.


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