How feng shui could affect the stock market this year

Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P 500

DJIA chart for January 2010

You may have noticed that the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ and S&P 500  have fallen off a cliff since the one year anniversary of President Obama’s inaguration.  While it’s true the economy is in bad shape that’s not the only reason the market is down.  The Flying Star Feng Shui is also playing a role.

This year the Flying Star sitting on the area of investments and wealth is the Robbery Star.  This Star takes money away from the Feng Shui area it controls for the year. 

Last year the Robbery Star sat on government and families and what did we see last year?  Tax revenues dried up because of businesses going under and homes going into foreclosure.  You can’t collect taxes if there’s no one to pay.  When tax revenues aren’t there then the government must cut public services, education spending and other services like police and fire safety.

Families felt the energy of this Star in a number of ways including moms and dads losing jobs, property tax increases and a 33 percent increase in personal bankruptcy filings across the United States. 

With the Robbery Star sitting on wealth and investments this year it would not be surprising to see a double digit decline in the stock market this year and even more people taking their money out of 401k plans and retirement accounts just to pay their bills. 

The slide the DJIA, NASDAQ and S&P 500 have experienced the past week is likely to be the overall theme for 2010.


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