President Obama and GOP go head to head

Barack Obama, GOP

President Barack Obama and Republicans 'do lunch'

Today President Obama made history.  It wasn’t because he met with House Republicans for a 90 minute question and answer session which admittedly is quite momentous.  No, it was because this get together was televised publicly for all the world to see. 

Both President Obama and the Republicans looked annoyed and tense at moments while GOP members levelled questions about broken promises and being stiff armed by Democrats on health care reform.  Obama returned fire by defending the stimulus package and claiming Republicans had portrayed the health care bill as a “Bolshevik plot.”

It was clear both sides had prepared for this meeting and neither was going to admit defeat.

While this strategy of standing firm has worked for President Obama up to this point he’s going to have a harder time getting support from people this year and that includes Democrats. 

Here’s why.  In Feng Shui there is something called Flying Stars and the Stars on Barack Obama’s career and relationship directions are really tough this year. 

In fact the President has the Conflict Star on his career direction until early 2011.   This means he will have a harder time getting Democrats and Republicans to agree to bills he wants to pass no matter how good or bad they are for the country.  The Conflict Star creates disagreement and arguments so even if he is successful getting legislation passed he’s going to get even more flack about it than he received this past year.

The other challenge he faces is with the Robbery Star on his relationships.  In order to get things done in government people are going to want something from him in return.  As much as we don’t like behind-the-doors deals there’s a very good chance that President Obama will be doing this even more in 2010.  He’ll also need to be careful when it comes to security because the Robbery Star is also known as the Violence Star and this increases the chance that someone is going to want to harm him. 

Of the four years President Obama will have in office 2010 is by far going to be the hardest.  I know that when he came to office he made fun of Ronald Regan for consulting an astrologer but a Flying Star Feng Shui consultation would be well worth his money this year.


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