Bad Boy Charlie Sheen Reacts to Brooke Mueller’s Feng Shui

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

Bad boy Charlie Sheen is in the domestic problems limelight again and this time it’s for allegedly choking and then threatening his wife Brooke Mueller with a pocket knife on Christmas morning.

It seems that Brooke was drunk at the time (8:30 a.m.) with a blood alcohol level of .13.  The legal limit for a first driving offense in Colorado, which is where the couple was vacationing at the time, is .08. 

What a pair these two must be not to mention great role models for their twin 9 month old sons Bob and Max.  It’s a good thing they’re not old enough to remember their first Christmas.

Now after the cops showed up at the Sheen’s home Brooke said she lied about the choking allegation but the cops took Charlie away in cuffs anyway.  The last I heard is that the couple will start marriage counselling and Sheen will also get anger management help.

With all of this marital turmoil going on for the couple I wondered what kind of Flying Star Feng Shui was affecting them and as I looked into it I could see clearly why they reached their breaking point this month.

Let’s take a look at Brooke’s personal Flying Star Feng Shui first because her feng shui probably triggered the whole incident not that either one’s behavior should be ignored but her feng shui was like that little devil you see on t.v. saying, “Go ahead and do it.  You know you want to.”

This month Brooke has two Flying Star combinations working against her.  The first one is on her Relationship direction and the Stars sitting there create marital stress.  The thing is that if their marriage was good to begin with then this combination would have created a minor stress like ‘why can’t you put the seat down after you use the toilet’ kind of thing. 

But Flying Stars will create big drama if things aren’t going well and clearly their marriage is not a bed of roses otherwise Brooke would not be plastered at 8:30 a.m. and Sheen would not be pulling a knife on her.  So what happened as a result of the Marital Stress Stars being in Brooke’s Relationship direction is that all of the problems they’re having as a couple were brought to a head and erupted.

You can only pretend for so long before Flying Star Feng Shui tells you it’s time to make a change.

On top of this Brook has double Disaster Stars on her Wisdom direction.  This indicates that a decision she makes this month is going to create some kind of disasterous result or major change in an upleasant way.   This decision could have been the one she made to get drunk, the decision to call the police or the decision to make allegations that she now says aren’t true or even something else we haven’t even heard about yet. 

Who knows.

The bottom line is that as a result of the events that happened on Christmas morning her life will probably never be the same and this can be a very good thing assuming she decides to make some changes that better support her and how she lives her life.

Looking at Charlie Sheen’s feng shui it’s not obvious that something like this would occur this month but his wife’s feng shui was the catalyst that triggered the whole situation.  Because her Flying Star Feng Shui brought their problems out in the open it triggered the negative Stars sitting in Sheen’s Wisdom direction.

I have no doubt that Charlie Sheen pulled a knife on his wife Christmas morning and here’s why.  The Conflict and Violence Stars were sitting on his Wisdom direction that day and when provoked can cause a person to get angry (the Conflict Star in action) and react violently (the Violence Star in action).  The Violence Star is also associated with weapons which is why it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Brooke’s allegations are actually true.

Let’s hope that they’re able to work things out or move on without each other in a more peaceful manner.  After all do they really want their children growing up in that kind of environment?


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