Brittany Murphy and Husband Both Died This Month

Today I received this e-mail from Laura M. in Sedona, AZ:

“Hi Chriss:
I know you follow current events relating to the ‘famous’. I’ve worked with Brittany in Hollywood (before her ‘breakout’ performance in Clueless) and you just knew she was destined for bigger things. I also felt very said for her, an underlying current of , insecurity/unhappiness, etc. She always reminded me of Judy Garland (the girl could sing!) with a sadness.
Anyway, I was shocked to hear the news, but not surprised and just wondered in terms of FS, what was up for her….I’m sure your other viewers would be interested too.”  –  Laura M., Sedona, AZ
When I saw that Brittany died it surprised me too but I couldn’t say why.  I haven’t ever seen her movies and except for knowing she’s an actress I couldn’t tell you anything about her.  So I decided to do some looking into her feng shui and here’s what I discovered.
This year Brittany has a terrible Feng Shui Flying Star on her Health direction  — the Violence Star.  And this month it sits with the Illness Star.  These two Stars combined together on your Health direction can bring injury from sharp objects, cause bleeding or even fever. 
Normally this combination doesn’t bring death so I decided to look at her home and the front door faces Brittany’s Disease direction.  When you have negative Flying Stars on your Health direction and your front door or bedroom are located in your Disease direction this can create much greater problems for you unless you’re using your feng shui remedies to help offset these negative situations. 

Brittany Murphy's Home

Brittany bought her home from Britney Spears back in 2003 so she had been exposed to this Disease energy on her front door for 6 years.  That amount of time can do a number on your mental, emotional and/or physical health if you’re not countering it with the right feng shui.  As it turns out a number of prescription medications were found in Murphy’s home at the time of her death which indicates some area of her health was not good.

On top of this Brittany was supposedly found in her shower at home.  This month the Double Disaster Star sits in the area related to water meaning that the odds of serious injury or even death around the water (yes, even your shower or bath) is possible.
So between the Flying Stars on her Health direction, the fact that the house faces her Disease direction and the Disaster Star positioned on water right now the feng shui created the right recipe for her death.
What’s even more strange is that I found another article saying her husband Simon Monjack ‘died’ and was brought back to life earlier this month on Dec. 8 (you can read it here: 
His Health direction has the Relationship Star on it this year and the Long-Term Abundance Star is sitting there for the month too.  This fits perfectly with people coming to his rescue to save him.
And does Simon’s feng shui give clues about Brittany’s death.  Yes, in a way it does because he has the double Disaster Star on his Career direction this year and the Robbery/Violence Star on his Relationship direction.  Since his wife’s success as an actress has probably helped his Hollywood career all of this could come to an abrupt end and through her untimely death he was also robbed of his relationship with Brittany in a tragic way.

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  1. online vastu tips
    Dec 23, 2009 @ 15:30:00

    she was so beautiful… i see died at this early age which is very shocking to her fan following…


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