Feng Shui Brings Snow?

A fierce winter storm has been making its way across the United States the past couple of days.  From Sacramento, CA to Illinois snow has blanketed homes and highways making travel a nightmare for drivers and fliers alike.

We could see more of this kind of weather this December and it’s all due to the double energy of the Disaster Star sitting in the Water area of the feng shui bagua right now.  This means problems with all kinds of water including snow, hail, and rain.

It also means you should take extra precautions when you’re out skiing this month or snowboarding.  Even if you don’t like wearing protective gear this is a month where it’s best not to take chances.

If you’re going to be sunning in the Caribbean then snow won’t be a problem but you’ll want to keep an eye out for rip currents, undertow and make sure you have your life jackets on your fishing boat if you’re going to be out on the water.

The same goes for SCUBA diving.  Make sure your tanks have enough air and have been inspected for safety before you do you underwater sight seeing.


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