Feng Shui Trips Up Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods' mistresses

Flying Star feng shui is stranger than fiction and when it comes to the Tiger Woods’ affairs saga there’s no exception.

If you haven’t heard Tiger Woods crashed his car into a tree after running over a fire hydrant in his yard at 2:30 in the morning late last month.  He suffered bruises and cuts to his head but was reported to be ok otherwise.

As the story unfolded it came to light that his ‘accident’ may have resulted from a family argument that night over affairs he’s been having for the past 30 months.  His first affair began just 2 months before his daughter Sam was born.

When I heard this story I went back to see what Tiger’s personal Flying Star feng shui looked like at the time the first affair was reported to have started and this is what I found.

Back in 2007 Tiger had the Relationship Star on his Wisdom direction.  This means that he was more likely to be thinking about his personal relationships at the time and even thinking about making new relationships.

That same year he had the Disaster Star on his Relationship direction meaning that some relationship of his (either personal or professional) would likely experience a major change that would create a negative outcome for him.  As it turns out it did.

Even more interesting is that 30 months ago Tiger had the Illness Star on his Wisdom direction for the month.  When this Star combined with the Relationship Star for the year it created the perfect energy for him to choose  to have an affair.  (FYI just because the feng shui Stars create energy for something doesn’t mean you have to give into it.  You still have personal choice.)

At that same time the feng shui Flying Star combination on his Relationship direction created the perfect energy for deceiving someone he knew and it turns out that this person was his wife Elin.

Now it’s over 2 years later and all of this feng shui Flying Star activity is coming to light and even the timing of this matches the Stars for Tiger.

At the time that the news came out the Flying Stars on his Wisdom direction warned of bleeding wounds from decisions that were harmful.  This harmful decision turned out to be the choice to back over a fire hydrant and into a tree at 2:30 in the morning.

And finally the Stars on his Relationship direction foretold of family conflicts and arguments which probably lead up to him getting into the car in the first place.

Feng shui Flying Stars are mysterious in how they work.  They may let you think you’re getting away with something at the time  but they don’t allow you to hide from irresponsible or harmful behavior for long.

If he had been using his feng shui remedies he might not be in this predicament at all.


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  1. online vastu solutions
    Dec 07, 2009 @ 17:24:04

    I hope everything would be fine with tiger soon…
    and thanks for sharing ur feng shui experience with us.. its really good know all this things..


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