Why Amanda Knox Is (Feng Shui) Guilty

Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox was convicted on all counts yesterday of murdering her former roommate, Meredith Kercher, in Italy.  Amanda spent two years in prison before going to trial and this was a bad year for this kind of event because the Flying Star feng shui on her Success direction was working against her all year long.

If you’re not familiar with Amanda she was an American exchange student studying in Italy.  Her roommate, Merideth Kercher who was a British exchange student, was murdered November 1, 2007 and Amanda along with her Italian boyfriend were the primary suspects in the crime. 

This year the case finally came to trial but the feng shui timing was really bad for Amanda.  That’s because she has the feng shui Conflict Star sitting on her Success direction for the year.  This means roadblocks, arguing, lawsuits and extreme difficulting in succeeding because people don’t believe her this year.

From what I read about the trial the prosecution changed their theory a number of times during the trial about how the crime was committed and the evidence pointing to Amanda’s guilt was questionable. 

The problem for her was that while it was possible for her to get a ‘not guilty’ verdict based on the prosecution’s case the feng shui Flying Star was staunchly working against her.  That meant that even if the prosecution’s case was extremely flimsy for conviction the Conflict Star stepped in to exercise it’s negative energy against Amanda.

Here’s the thing about this.  In feng shui Flying Stars can be remedied so their energy is reduced.  This can help you if you’re in a bad situation and can mean the difference between going to jail for 26 years vs. getting a suspended sentence plus time served. 

But here’s the inside scoop.  I think she probably was involved in the murder and here’s why.

At the time of Meredith’s death Amanda had the Disaster Star on her Success direction and the Conflict Star on her Relationship direction.  This combination can bring arguments with people in your life and if there’s a serious conflict it’s usually with just one person.

On top of that the Disaster Star on Amanda’s Success direction that year indicates some kind of disaster related to her education.  The murder definitely brought an end to her dream of a college degree.

Now, on November 1, 2007, which is when Meredith was murdered, Amanda had the monthly feng shui Disaster Star on her Relationship direction in combination with the Conflict Star that was there for the year.  When people are not getting along with someone and these two Stars come together this can bring death as a result of anger.

At this same time she had the Military Star on her Success direction sitting with the Disaster Star which can bring out a dictatorial nature and even militant behavior.

According to the story about Meredith Kercher, Amanda and her boyfriend wanted her to participate in a sex game.  When she refused they killed her.  If this is true this would tie into the feng shui Flying Star energy that was on Amanda’s Success direction the night of Meredith’s demise.

Given the Flying Star perspective at the time of the murder it appears that the verdict given was the right one.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tracy
    Dec 06, 2009 @ 06:37:43

    Ho wonderful that a Feng Shui consultant can now sit judge and jury over someone accused of a crime. For someone that doesn’t know Italian laws, the people involved and has not attended the trial I find it reprehensible that you would dare to speculate on this person’s guilt or innocence based on astrology.
    Perhaps the judicial system isn’t working…and perhaps we don’t need juries any more to help us decide on a person’s life.
    Maybe we should just call YOU in and you can decide someone’s fate.
    You are the worst example of a “Feng Shui Consultant” because true ones do not judge….they assist and inspire.
    How pathetic of you.


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  3. Eric Davidson
    Dec 06, 2009 @ 19:14:08

    She could have gotten life so at least the sentencing isn’t all bad. Who knows maybe she’ll be eligible for an international exchange of some sort.


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