Feng Shui Disaster Stars in Bangladesh & Russia?

Tentulia river, Bangladesh ferry, capsize, Muslim holidayToday I flipped the t.v. on to CNN and saw that a ferry capsized in  Bangladesh on the river Tentulia.  So far 33 bodies have  been found though it’s believed that more people were trapped below in the ferry’s cabin area. 

The ferry had 3 levels and had a passenger capacity of 665 but the day it capsized there were at least 1,000 on board.  They said the reason it was overloaded was that people were on their way home to celebrate a Muslim holiday.

This tragic accident’s timing is an unusual ‘coincidence’ when it comes to the Flying Stars feng shui this month.  Right now ‘Disaster’ is the theme for the month and on top of that water related disasters is prominent as well.  The reason for this is that there is a double Disaster Star in the center feng shui gua and there is a Disaster/Water Star combination in the north feng shui gua this month. 

Right after this story came across the ticker tape section in the bottom of the screen another story appeared that said a train was blown up in Russia killing 26 people.  Authorities there believe it was an act of terrorism.  So here we have another incident of the double Disaster Star at work less than a day after the ferry accident.  

Hopefully this is the last of the major disasters for the month.

Feng shui Flying Stars change every month and give clues about the dangers and opportunities that lie ahead.  You can find out how these Stars apply to your life here: http://www.palmbeachfengshui.com/Feng_Shui_Advice.html



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