Fish And Trucks Don’t Mix

Tampa International aquariumThis month is a weird month in feng shui terms.  There are a lot of feng shui Flying Stars that can create troublesome combinations and one of those is the Disaster Star/Water Star combination.  These two Flying Stars come together to create water related disasters so you want to make sure you have your life jackets if you go out on your boat this month. 

Be more careful in the shower or bath as slips and falls are more likely.  And make sure your hot tub cover is on when you’re not using it and the safety screen around your pool is set up when you’re finished swimming.

One situation I hadn’t thought of though is driving into a 1,500 gallon aquarium at the airport like this woman did:

In any case the beauty of feng shui is that there are remedies for these Flying Stars and you can get them here:


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