Bad *Feng Shui* Timing for House Health Care Bill

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, Health Care Bill

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi

The Democrats in the House of Representatives have put their new 1,990 page Health Care Bill on the table and it is now up for discussion.  It doesn’t appear that this new version has enough votes to pass though and the Republican’s have drafted their own 230 page bill which no one is expecting to pass either.

So for the next 72 hours Representatives will be reading every page of the 1,990 page bill OUT LOUD so that everyone can hear what it has to offer.  They expect it will take until late Friday or Saturday to get through the whole thing.

The challenge is that November 6th (Friday) is a new month in feng shui and all of the Flying Stars will shift from their present position to new locations.  And this year the Flying Star on government, families and health care is terrible to begin with the change to a new month with an equally difficult Star isn’t going to help the government get this health care reform bill through.

Here’s what’s happening:  This year the Violence/Robbery Star sits on the area of the feng shui bagua that governs families, health and government.

We’ve all seen this Star’s ‘robbery’ side in action– millions of people have lost their jobs and incomes, the government has spent money it doesn’t have bailing out companies that, despite your tax dollars, are still going bankrupt each day, the value of the dollar has fallen over 6% this year and on and on.

We’ve seen the ‘violent’ side of this Star too.  People are angry with the government and vocalizing their complaints, home invasions are on the rise, U.S. citizens protesting the G-20 were beat up and harassed by police.  Anger and violence have definitely set the mood this year.

As volatile as the Robbery/Violence Star can make things we have another Star that is helping to fuel this energy even more beginning November 6th and that Star is the Conflict Star.

Mix Robbery/Violence with Conflict and you have a recipe for lots of shouting, angry debate and legal action.  (FYI try not to stir things up in the east area of your home because this is where all this energy sits from Nov. 6 to Dec. 6, 2009.)

Not only that but Washington, D.C. lies geographically in the Eastern part of the United States which means that your Representatives, Senators and the White House are going to feel this energy even more.

This will not be the month they will see eye to eye but you can bet you will hear some great speeches (if not outright yelling) and mud slinging from both sides of the aisle.

If the bill survives the year it has a much better chance of getting passed in 2010 because the Windfall Star sits on government, health and families next year.  This may be better for everyone in the long-run as it could give both sides enough time to really sit down together and come up with a realistic plan that’s palatable to both sides.

In any case the feng shui Flying Stars aren’t helping this already weakly supported health care bill.

UPDATE 11/8/09:

The House passed their version of the bill sometime after 10:30pm last night and the Republicans actually supported the Bill.   Here’s how it happened.

The moderate Democrats said they would vote against it partially because the Bill allows federal funds to go for voluntary abortions.  So President Obama & Nancy Pelosi met with them late Friday night and said, “Ok if you’ll vote for the Bill we’ll allow for a vote on an amendment that will prevent federal funds for abortions.”

So around 9:30 or 10 last night the ENTIRE House (Rep and Dems) voted on this amendment.

Now, you would think that since the Republicans knew that this amendment needed to pass in order for the Dems to get enough votes for the Bill they would vote against the amendment thereby blocking the Bill right?

As I was watching the vote all but 1 of the Republicans voted FOR the amendment and about 65% of the Democrats voted AGAINST it.  So without the Republicans the Bill would not have passed.

It appears that the positive effects of feng shui on language and speaking won out over the negative energy of arguing which is a good thing.


If you want to know more about how Flying Stars affect you and your world  visit


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