Anthony Sowell’s Neighborhood

Anthony Sowell convicted sex offender

Anthony Sowell

This weekend 50 year old registered sex offender Anthony Sowell received an unexpected visit from police who were there to arrest him on new rape charges brought against him by a neighbor.

The Cleveland, OH police ended up getting more than they bargained for.  With search and arrest warrants in hand they entered Sowell’s house to find six decomposing bodies of women he had killed.  Two were on the third floor.  One was buried in the backyard.  Two were in a crawl space under the stairs and the sixth one was in another room of the house.

Apparently the neighbors knew something was going on because of the stentch of rotting bodies coming from his home.  You’d think the parole officer visiting Sowell on Sept. 22, 2009 would have picked up on this.  And why didn’t his neighbors report their suspicions?

It turns out that it may have  been Anthony Sowell’s personal feng shui that gave him away.  The timing of the arrest certainly points to it.

This year Anthony Sowell has the same feng shui energy working against him that Jon Gosselin of the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8. In other words, not good.

In fact there is one particular feng shui Flying Star that is working against both Sowell and Gosselin this year and that is the Conflict Star on their Success direction which is tied to their careers.

The Conflict Star brings arguments, lawsuits, problems with the law, fighting and even divorce.  Given Sowell’s ‘career’ as a rapist and murderer this Star means that he will experience problems in his ability to kill and rape women.  I know, I know…this is a sick thing to even say but he is who he is and so his ability to Succeed at his ‘job’ (as he sees it) is going to be limited with this Star.  Constant roadblocks, pushback from other people and the law are going to get in his way. 

At the time of his arrest on October 29, 2009 the energy of this Conflict Star was doubled meaning that of all the months this year this is the one that would most likely give Sowell big trouble. 

The other Star that has not helped him this year is the Star of New Beginnings on his Relationship direction.  This is the Star that got Jon Gosselin in trouble if you remember back to the breaking news of his affair behind his wife’s back.

For Sowell this Star has also created a ‘new beginning’ in his Relationships.  The police believe that two of the bodies in Sowell’s home could have been there for at least two years.  So for the past two years he has been getting away with murdering and raping women in his neighborhood.

But with the lucky escape of his latest rape victim back in September all of this changed for Sowell.  A ‘new beginning’ (or should I say return?) to his life as a prisoner is in his cards.  His relationships will no longer be with people on the outside but on the inside of prison walls.

So why didn’t this happen for him sooner?  The feng shui Flying Star gives clues about the timing because in October Anthony Sowell had the Violence Star sitting with the Star of New Beginnings on his Relationship direction.  This brought to light his violent behavior towards his victims in a way that allowed him to get caught.

Flying Star feng shui does an amazing job of exposing clues about why certain events happen when they do.  When the Flying Stars are ‘aligned’ they can trigger activity that you might never have expected.

Find out what your Flying Star possibilities are by visiting this link:


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