Why President Obama Can’t Commit to McChrystal’s Request for More Troops

General Stanley McChrystal AfghanistanWhen President Obama was candidate Obama he promised Americans that we would he would end the war in Iraq if elected.   Well, he never said anything about Afghanistan did he?

Perhaps that’s why he can’t make a decision about General Stanley McChrystal’s request for 40,000 more troops.

But I think it’s a feng shui issue.

You see General McChrystal has the same feng shui number as John McCain, Obama’s former challenger for the sacred spot as President of the United States.  McCain and Obama certainly didn’t see eye-to-eye so it’s very likely that President Obama and 4 Star General McChrystal don’t either.

What’s even trickier in the relationship of these two men is that they share the same personal feng shui directions.  Obama’s Success direction is South which is McChrystal’s personal Relationship direction. 

This year the feng shui Flying Star in the South is the Relationship Star and this means that President Obama can easily win the support of people in his role as President of the U.S.  Even if he makes decisions that are not popular overall the energy of this Star serves as protection of sorts and makes people more forgiving toward him.

The way it works for General McChrystal is that he is able to really connect with his troops and even the people of Afghanistan.  Everyone is much more likely to trust him with this Star on his side. 

So with this great feng shui Star working for these two men why can’t President Obama decide what to do?  Well there are probably lots of political reasons we don’t have privvy to but we can look at what the feng shui energy is doing.

Well that’s because President Obama  has a feng shui Flying Star that is causing him trouble when it comes to making decisions and that’s the Violence Star on his Wisdom direction.  Your Wisdom direction is tied to formal learning, advice from others and your gut instincts.  The Violence Star has a tendency to encourage you to spend money beyond your budget, to make choices that are financially costly or that can even bankrupt you. 

It can also mean that you make choices that result in violence or that decisions you’re faced with create an internal battle within you.

For President Obama the Violence Star has publicly shown itself through major financial losses.  The stimulus package cost taxpayers billions of dollars that have resulted in weakening dollar.  There’s no evidence the stimulus is helping the economy  for the long run and in fact the White House has said that any effects it has are likely over.  Economists all over the world are even speculating the U.S. could easily go bankrupt.  

And that’s all before we even consider the taxpayer cost of a national health care plan or hints at additional stimulus money being pumped into the economy.

Whenever the Violence Star shows its one side so strongly (in this case the financial loss side) the other side (the violent side) is not as apparent.  And since President Obama promised Americans he’d be bringing troops home rather than sending more in the violent side of this Star is likely even more suppressed. 

It doesn’t mean he’ll say no to McChrystal it just means that passing bills to spend more money is going to be more appealing to him that fighting. 

Knowing what your feng shui Flying Stars have in store from you puts you in the driver’s seat because feng shui has remedies for negative Stars.  Take control of your feng shui energy with a monthly subscription to Flying Star Feng Shui here: http://www.TimeFengShui.com


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