James Ray’s Deadly Sweat Lodge & Flying Star Feng Shui

James Ray

James Ray

Today I opened up my computer and found a story that astounded me.  James Arthur Ray, one of the spiritual mentors who appeared in the movie The Secret, held what he calls a Spiritual Warrior retreat in Sedona, AZ last week.  As part of this $9,000 retreat the 55-65 participants took part in a sweat lodge to help them move past their personal limitations.

Unfortunately this event resulted in the deaths of 2 people and 19 others had to be hospitalized.

The reports I found said that the sweat lodge was built by James Ray’s staff out of non-breathable material.   Experts in American Indian traditions said that the two hour sweat lodge also went on far too long and had too many participants.

Ray’s company is being investigated now and the term ‘charlatan’ and ‘con artist’ are being used when it comes to James Ray himself. 

Because he is seen as a guru in the spiritual mentoring industry I thought I’d take a look and see what’s going on for him right now and it says a lot.

This year James Arthur Ray has two feng shui Flying Stars that are not in his favor and those are the Illness Star on his Wisdom direction and the Conflict Star on his Relationship direction.  Both these Stars can create problems in different ways.

The Illness Star on his Wisdom direction means that choices he makes this year whether personal or professional could lead to self-inflicted stress.  And because his Wisdom direction is tied to creativity the decision to have his staff build the sweat lodge for the Spiritual Warrior retreat could very well have been the trigger that launched this stress he’s created for himself.

Then the Conflict Star sitting on Ray’s Relationship direction adds to this situation by attracting problems with people in his life and in this case the people were his clients.  Not only does the Conflict Star bring problems but it can also bring arguments and lawsuits and that is surely what Ray and his company will be facing after such a disasterous outcome at one of his seminars.  On October 8th, when the sweat lodge took place, the energy of the Conflict Star was doubled making this Star even more powerful.

At the time of the deaths and injuries that resulted from this event he had another Flying Star working against him, the Violence Star, which was sitting on his Career direction.  The Violence Star can bring injury, death and even financial loss through lawsuits. 

If I were looking at James Ray’s personal feng shui and Flying Stars I would have recommened that he pick another month to hold an event like this because Flying Star feng shui can greatly influence your chances of success or failure.  When the Stars are working against you it’s better to sit back and wait.  When the Stars are working for you it’s time to jump in and take action.

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