Feng Shui Glimpse into Bombing the Moon

Tonight I almost fell out of my chair when I heard the national news headlines.  Here’s why.

The new month (in feng shui terms) begins October 8th.  On that day all of the feng shui Flying Stars change their location for the month and land in different areas of the feng shui bagua for the next 30 days.  This happens every month so there’s nothing unusual about that.

But what is unusual is that we have a Flying Star combination in the Center gua that only happens once every ten years and that is the Fire Star combining with the Military Star.  When these two Stars come together they double the energy of the Military Star and since the Center gua sets the overall ‘theme’ for the country each month news, discussions and events are going to revolve around this topic.

Now when I first  saw this I had a strong feeling that this mean an increase in fighting or even a possible new war somewhere on the planet.  It definitely bodes well for an increased military presence which could be local, state or even federal government in your own backyard.  In any case it felt very unsettling to me for some reason that I couldn’t quite explain.

And then I turned on the national news and heard that NASA will broadcast bombing the moon this Friday, the day after the energy of the double Military Star kicks in.   What’s even more strange is that the Military Star is also associated with the moon, stars and other planets.

So the moon is coming together with a military bomb in perfect feng shui timing.

How weird is THAT? 

Feng shui is so clever in giving clues about events and it’s not just for the world at large because feng shui Flying Stars affect you too.

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