Feng Shui Blackmails David Letterman

Last night David Letterman shocked his audience and the world by exposing a bribery attempt by CBS Producer Joe Halderman.  Halderman supposedly had incriminating evidence that Letterman had sexual relations with members of his staff, which Letterman admitted to on the on last night’s show.

You could tell by the audience’s reaction they thought he was kidding.

Turns out he was serious.

Letterman said he found a package in the back of his car last month with information and the blackmail threat.  As it turns out his personal feng shui was ripe for this kind of event at that point in time.

For starters he had a feng shui Flying Star combination on his Success direction that created problems and stress in his career.  No doubt a package of documents and photos laying out the details of sexual escapades with employees were enough to stress Letterman out about his career and what this news would do to his future in the business.

On top of this he had another feng shui Flying Star combination on his Wisdom direction that created the perfect energy for conflict, arguments and even legal problems.   So David Letterman’s decision to hire an attorney and take the matter to the district attorney’s office was not likely an easy decision for him but one he felt he had to make.

And finally the Flying Star combination on his Relationship direction was no picnic either.  In fact it was ideal for creating marital problems.  Do you think his wife Regina Lasko might have been a little upset about this news? 

So like a well orchestrated symphony Joe Halderman’s decision to blackmail David Letterman when he did timed beautifully with Letterman’s challenging feng shui for the month.

Interesting isn’t it?

This month’s timing for Halderman’s arrest and Letterman’s confession are also foretold in the Flying Stars.

Right now Letterman has the Star of New Beginnings on his Wisdom direction and his decision to tell all to the world last night is certainly something new.  This is very likely to change the way he thinks about a lot of things in his life but particularly his personal life.

His relationship with his wife and the public is not easy right now either.  In fact the whole situation is likely to leave him feeling mentally, emotionally and physically drained this month.

Now you may be thinking, “Well no kidding,” but the Flying Stars on his Relationship direction magnify the effects.  Beginning Oct. 7 this energy will ease up for Letterman though.

And finally the nabbing of Halderman after he tried to deposit the $2 millyon check he extorted from Letterman also tied right into feng shui because this month he had the Relationship Star in his Success direction working for him. 

What this turned out to mean for David Letterman is that people who could help him get out of the work related blackmail situation would be successful in helping him.  Turns out it worked out just the way it was supposed to.

Flying Star feng shui affects everyone and how it will affect you depends on what’s going on in your life and quite often how you’ve interacted with others in the past.

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