How Kate Gosselin’s Feng Shui Outshines Jon’s

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin

I just read that the reality t.v. show Jon & Kate Plus Eight will now be Kate Plus Eight when the show resumes in November.

I’ve never watched the show but it seems to be quite popular so I thought I’d look at Kate Gosselin’s personal feng shui again. (See ‘No More Jon & Kate Plus 8? here:

Kate’s personal feng shui number is an 8 (interesting that she would have eight children isn’t it?) and her Career direction is directly tied to motherhood.  Notice that her success in life has come from being a mother of eight children.  The motherhood role she has in real life is actually ideal for her career as a t.v. star so it makes sense she would continue the show even after divorcing her husband Jon Gosselin.

This year Kate has the Windfall Star on her Career direction meaning that landing her own show was probably a lucky break. 

Her soon to be ex-husband Jon’s Career direction has the Conflict Star on it this year so for him to continue on would not make sense.  Either he would resent it, he would have difficulty getting along with the t.v. producers or there would be some other conflict that would make it difficult for him to keep going with the show. 

Even now he’s rumored to be having trouble getting his next venture, the Divorced Dad’s Club, off the ground.  This is definitely not the year for him to start anything new.

But how will Kate do on her own?  Will the audience feel the same way about the show now that the focus is on her life as a single mom? 

Well, the Illness Star is on Kate’s Relationship direction this year which means that she’s going to have to work hard to get people to notice her and connect with her.  In fact she even made a post saying this may be the last season for the show because of falling ratings. 

But have no fear Kate has another plan up her sleeve.  She’s been getting the word out about her new talk show which is supposed to be geared towards working moms (again, the mom theme fits directly with her personal feng shui direction for career success) so this may turn out to be her real niche.

Kate’s not the only one who can use personal feng shui to manuever through life, you can do it too. 

Get your 12 Month Personal Feng Shui Outlook and prepare yourself for what possibilities lie ahead for you:


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  1. Val
    Jul 12, 2011 @ 05:16:06


    I was wondering how you got John and Kate’s “personal feng shui” number. Is this the same as the Gua/Kua number?


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