Chuck Lorre’s Shining (Feng Shui) Star

Chuck Lorre & Charlie Sheen

Chuck Lorre & Charlie Sheen

If you’ve ever watched Two and a Half Men or The Big Bang Theory you have probably noticed that at the end of each show there’s a commentary or note from writer and producer Chuck Lorre.

Some of the comments are outright hilarious, others are more tongue-in-cheek and many are sarcastic.  In any case, my husband and I find ourselves pausing the DVR to read Chuck’s comment for the week.

Being a big fan of his work (I like to laugh) I thought I’d check into his personal feng shui and it’s amazing how his personal feng shui number really says it all.

Chuck Lorre’s kua number (or feng shui number) is a 3 and the career direction for his feng shui number is directly tied to entertainment and fame so it’s no wonder he’s done so well in his career. 

This year is particularly good for him because his personal Career direction has the Relationship Star on it meaning more people are going to be drawn to his work and his existing fans are going to like him even more.  This feng shui Flying Star is perfectly suited to helping support you in your career and even getting you promoted.  In Chuck’s case it’s great for ‘promoting’ his t.v. shows and any other projects he’s working on.

His personal Relationship direction is in the area of wealth and money meaning he is more likely than people with a different energy number to connect with financially successful people and people who have money to back his projects.  For him it just comes naturally whereas for someone with a different energy number it would take more work to get the same results.

This year Lorre has the Abundance Star sitting on his Relationship direction meaning he was (and still is) likely to get more money for his work if he asks for it.  Finding investors will be even easier this year and he may even find himself investing in businesses or other opportunities that are brought to him through people he knows.

It’s interesting how feng shui plays a role in your life and gives you a blueprint on how to tap into the opportunities that can come easily to you if you choose to take them.

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  2. tony horton
    Jul 20, 2010 @ 12:29:21

    I have found this amazing blog post and I should say to you thank you very much for giving this one to us.


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  4. Antonio Burke
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 20:40:41

    I have the perfect ideal to solve your problem with “Three and a Half Men.” My idea is to pay a different actor to play Charlie Sheen’s character in “Three and a Half Men” each week. Then have a poll where you review the fan’s response to the actor of the week. I believe that you should offer the job to the actor who gets the highest poll results. You can bring in more ratings by making it into almost a reality TV show. The true fans of the show will love this ideal because they will feel like they picked the new actor and new people will tune in to watch the new show. I believe that this is a real money maker idea. If you use my idea, I would like to be compensated.


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