Pittsburgh Protestors and the G-20 Meet Feng Shui

The past couple of days the city of Pittsburgh has hosted the G-20 summit for political leaders all over the world — and not without incident.  Protesters came out both days, some with permits and some without. 

The police/riot patrol was also out in full force and in addition to pepper spray and rubber bullets a new form of crowd control made its way onto center stage, the LRAD.  This is a very loud accoustic cannon used to ward off pirates and never been used in public crowd control until this week. 

And the Flying Star feng shui this month ties in perfectly with the Iranian President insisting that the holocaust is a hoax, the protesters taking to the streets and the ‘police state’ surrounding this event.  Here’s what I mean.

This month we have an escalated state of voilence and tension in the air due to two different combinations of feng shui Flying Star energy.  The first combination is the Double Violence Star sitting in the area that affects the energy of the entire planet.  In fact these Stars set the theme or the tone for the month and this month’s theme is all about violence and even robbery (so hang on to your wallets).

The other Flying Star combination is the Violence/Disaster mix sitting on families and government in September.  This increases the odds for violent confrontations, fighting between goverment and citizens and even disasterous situations for families or government are possible.  Ultimately this can lead to major transformation for those involved but getting to the other side of this transition can be tough.

Because the Flying Stars sit in these areas until October 6 we may see more problems arise for government, families or even between the two in the next couple of weeks.  If your front door sits in the area of the feng shui bagua tied to family and government your more susceptible to this energy.  (If you owe the IRS money, for example, this is the month they’ll be looking for their money.)

In feng shui there are remedies to troublesome Flying Stars and activations for the beneficial Flying Stars.

You can get your remedies and activations and take control of the energy around you.  Get your Flying Star Feng Shui here.


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