How Annie Le’s Feng Shui is Linked to Her Death

Annie Le

Annie Le

The news of Yale medical student’s Annie Le’s death was tragic not only because of the future that she had ahead of her but also because of the grief it has brought to her family and fiance Jonathan Widawsky.  Annie’s body was found hidden in the basement walls of one of the labs at Yale the day she was supposed to marry Widawsky.

Annie Le had some very difficult feng shui Flying Stars working against her this year and they sat in two areas of her life most important to her: her Success direction (tied to her goal of becoming a doctor) and her Relationship direction (tied not only to her fiance but also friends and family).

This year her Success direction had the Violence Star on it meaning the possibility that a violent act against her at work or through her career was in the cards.  Since Annie’s ‘career’ at the time was being a medical school student this meant that a violent act at school was possible.

In addition to this Annie had the Disaster Star on her Relationship direction this year.  This Star can mean that something disasterous happens to someone you know,something disasterous happens to you as a result of someone you know or something disasterous happens with one of your relationships.  Since this Star is also on the area tied to middle aged men my guess is that whoever killed Annie was a man between 30 and 60 years old.  Time will tell about this.

So as you can see the combination of Violence and Disaster already paint a dim picture on what this year had in store for Annie.

Unfortunately that’s not all there is to it because each month of the year has it’s own Flying Stars too and this month the Violence Star on her Success direction was coupled with the Disaster Star for the month.  The feng shui energy was perfectly aligned for a violent act to result in her death on campus this month.

What added additional fuel to the fire is that the Disaster Star on her Relationships for the year was coupled with the Conflict Star for the month meaning an argument or difference of opinion she had with someone could lead to disasterous consequences.

There are many other people who have the same feng shui number as Annie Le who are alive and well (thank goodness). 

But what I’ve seen is that the feng shui Flying Stars often trigger the timing of an event that has been planned or somehow in the works.  So it’s quite possible that whoever killed Annie had been contemplating killing someone for some time and Annie’s personal feng shui energy would have made her an appealing target this year and especially this month.

Perhaps it was fated to happen but since I know that feng shui remedies can go a long way towards reducing the effects of negative Flying Stars I always recommend that people put their feng shui remedies in place.   If Annie had known to do this it may have prevented the attack or at least saved her life.

My heart goes out to Annie Le’s family and her former fiance Jonathan Widawsky and may she rest in peace.

UPDATE 09/19/09:

Annie Le’s suspected killer is Ray Clark, a lab employee at Yale.  Turns out Ray is in his 20s (the Violence Star on Annie’s Success direction is tied to men in this age range) and what’s even more odd is that the police are looking into the possibility that Annie’s death was over lab rats.  Apparently Ray Clark was “obsessed” and territorial about the rats he was in charge of and you know what?  The Disaster Star on Annie’s Relationship direction this year sits on the area of the Rat in feng shui.  Given this information it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that the rats were the catalyst for him going overboard.

Real life is certainly stranger than fiction.


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