Serena Williams’ Lets Her Conflict Star Get the Best of Her

This is a year when Serena Williams has the opportunity to come up with a new strategy for succeeding on the tennis court but yesterday’s match at the US Open wasn’t it. 

Instead, the Conflict Star that’s affecting her decision making ability this year got the best of her.  After a line judge ruled a fault on her first and second serves Serena supposedly threatened to shove the tennis ball down her throat. 

Not very sportsman like for sure.  In fact the judge gave a point to her competitor Kim Clijsters of Australia making Clijsters the winner of the game.

Given that the feng shui energy on Serena’s Wisdom direction is very competitive right now it’s no real wonder she exploded.  She’s going to need to watch what comes of this (if anything) because next month the conflict energy will double for her meaning she’s likely to show bad judgement or even say things she may later regret.

All of this negative feng shui energy for Serena played right into the positive feng shui Flying Stars working for Kim Clijsters’ right now.  In fact a windfall through her relationships is right in the cards for Clijsters this monht and there’s no better explaination for her triumph over Serena Williams than it being a windfall that’s for sure.

This ‘opportunity’ is one that Clijsters will want to take advantage of and build on right now because her career is likely to go through a major transformation next year.  This incident may be the turning point that makes that transformation happen for her.

Find out what your feng shui has in store for you here:


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