How the Feng Shui of Phillip Garrido and Jaycee Dugard are Intertwined

Jaycee Dugard

Jaycee Dugard

People all across America are hearing the heartbreaking story of Jaycee Dugard’s kidnapping from a bus stop when she was just 11 years old.  Her step father saw the abduction but was on his bike at the time and not close enough to stop it or follow the car.  Though he did report what he saw the police weren’t able to track down the car or the kidnappers.

Fast forward 18 years and Jaycee is now 29 years old with two children fathered by one of her kidnappers, a convicted rapist, Phillip Garrido. 

Jaycee and her children have been living in tents in the back of the home for all this time as far as anyone knows and the case was solved purely by chance despite the fact that Garrido’s parole officer visited him monthly and never seemed to notice anything unusual.  (Was the person BLIND or was there really nothing unusual to notice?)

It’s wonderful Jaycee was found and her mother Terry Probyn must not only be relieved but grief stricken at the same time.  How Jaycee and her daughters, who have never known freedom in their lifetime, will recover from this is unknown but it won’t be easy.

So how does the feng shui of both Jaycee and her abductor come into play in all of this?

In a very strange way actually.

Jaycee Dugard and Phillip Girrado have the same feng shui number (this is called a Kua number and is based on your birthday) meaning their feng shui energy is the same.  They share the same Success, Health, Relationship and Wisdom directions.  Because of this similarity Girrado would have been able to speak to Jaycee in terms she could relate to energetically because their feng shui energy is similar.  It’s just that Girrado represents the negative side of this feng shui number.

Since they have the same feng shui number it would have been easier for him to manipulate her than even other children he may have abducted.  For him he is likely to have felt a ‘bond’ with Jaycee as sick as that sounds.

At the time of her abduction Garrido and Jaycee’s Relationship direction had the Violence Star for the year and for the month which doubled the odds for a violent event for both of them.   Jaycee’s abduction was violent for her and Garrido was the one who played out the energy of those Stars.  Jaycee’s parents weren’t immune to this energy either because these double Violence Stars were sitting on the feng shui gua tied to Family meaning their family was impacted by this event as well.

Even more sadly is that the Flying Star feng shui combination on Garrido and Jaycee’s Success direction was the Disaster and Violence Stars which is tied to prostitution.  He certainly succeeded at prostituting Jaycee and now police are investigating whether he is responsible for the deaths of other missing girls whose cases have sat unresolved for years.

And another feng shui energy that aided in Garrido’s success was the New Beginning/Long-Term Abuncance Star combination on his Wisdom direction.  This means that the twisted ideas he had back in 1991 about abducting Jaycee were going to create a turning point in his life that would have long-lasting effects.  Keep in mind that Jaycee’s decision to get into the car (assuming she even had one) also created a turning point that would have a long-term impact on her life too.

Feng shui Flying Stars very rarely create such horrific outcomes.  The Stars require human intervention to trigger their positive as well as negative aspects.  Other people share Phillip Garrido and Jaycee Dugard’s feng shui number and didn’t have anything even close to this happen back in June 1991.  

What I have found is that if you are prone to bad decisions, harmful behavior and other detrimental actions then the negative Flying Stars will just bring out the worst in you ten thousand fold and you will succeed in even the worst of crimes.

On the flip side if you are hard working, show compassion for those around you and use action/behavior that is beneficial to those around you then the positive Flying Stars will bring out the best in you ten thousand fold and the rewards that go with them.

I believe this is what happened with Phillip Dugard and the reason that Jaycee’s feng shui energy didn’t support her is that, as a child, the adult’s feng shui energy and intent was just much stronger.  She couldn’t counter him.

But now Jaycee is an adult and as an adult her feng shui energy is on equal footing with Girrado’s even if mentally she is still under his sway. 

And as it turns out this year’s feng shui Flying Stars are identical to those of 1991 when Jaycee was kidnapped.  This means that Jaycee’s Wisdom energy was in her favor particularly on August 26, 2009 when she and her daughters were rescued.  It also means that the Disaster Star on Girrado’s Success direction was finally disasterous for him.  You may be wondering why it wasn’t disasterous for Jaycee.  In a way it may have been because this is the only life she’s known for the past 18 years and at the same time the Disaster Star brings transformation and Jaycee’s discovery and return to her mother is certainly going to transform her life but hopefully for the better this time.

This case has caused such an uproar that the State of California which was originally planning to release prisoners early to save the state some money is getting a lot of angry calls from citizens.  They’ll need to re-think this decision in light of Jaycee’s situation. 

You may be wondering if anything can be done from a feng shui perspective to combat the negative Stars and the answer is yes.  In feng shui there are remedies for negative Stars like the Disaster and Violence Stars and activations for positive Stars like the New Beginning and Long-Term Abundance Stars.

Since feng shui represents 33% of your total luck it’s worth your time and energy to use it.  You can find out more about Flying Star feng shui at


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