Why California’s Fires Will Likely Rage On

This is a tough year when it comes to fires and it’s no surprise because the feng shui Flying Star that affects the entire planet this year is the Fire Star.  This means more fires than usual, more bombings and even more volcanic eruptions than usual.

When it comes to fires California seems to be taking the brunt of the force of this Flying Star.  It may seem unusual that the fires were so intense in August because California is in the west and the monthly Flying Star that sits in the west is the Water Star.  That usually means more rain but that didn’t happen because Southern California, where the fires are raging, is in the southwest and didn’t benefit from this Star.  Instead the Disaster Star sat on the Los Angeles area which it certainly brought the state.

September may bring some relief because the Disaster Star will be replaced  by the Relationship Star meaning more people are likely to come to the state’s aid.  But in another way it may be a tougher month for the state because the Fire Star will be sitting in the northern part of the state.  If the fire energy is triggered it will likely demand more fire fighting resources and money.  And this will be demanded of a state that is already experiencing major financial setbacks meaning California is in for further setbacks.  Not only that but the energy of the Fire Star in the Center gua will double in September making things worse not only for California but for other parts of the planet as well.

After the Fire Star passes through Northern California in September there’s another hit just a month later.  In November the Flying Star energy on California will be fire energy again.  It could very well be a rough couple of months for Governor Schwarzenegger and the residents there.  It’s one of those periods when doing a rain dance or two sounds like a good idea.

In feng shui there are always remedies for negative Flying Stars and the remedy for the Fire Star will be metal for September and water for November.  Because these Stars are challenging using your feng shui remedies to reduce their energy is worth the effort.


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