The Flying Star Feng Shui Behind Ryan Jenkins and Jasmine Fiore’s Tragic Deaths

                       Jasmine Fiore & Ryan Jenkins

Jasmine Fiore & Ryan Jenkins

I had never heard of Jasmine Fiore or Ryan Jenkins until today.  If you haven’t either Jasmine was  a swimsuit model and Las Vegas socialite who’s ex-husband, Ryan Jenkins, was suspected of murdering Jasmine, mutilating her body and stuffing it into a dumpster in Buena Park, CA.

Ryan’s claim to fame was being a TV Reality Star on the show ‘Megan Wants a Millionaire’ and apparently he had a shady past.  Today, after running from the law for the past week, his body was found hanging from a clothing rack in a Canadian hotel.  It’s suspected he committed suicide.

This story has not only been all over the papers but all over the national news including the Today Show which is how I heard about it.  Whenever I see a story with such extremes it tells me two things:

  1. The people involved were not using their Human Luck wisely and
  2. Their feng shui (Earth Luck) was probably not too good at the time either

When I looked at Jasmine’s personal feng shui number (which is based on her birthday) the Flying Stars on her Wisdom and Relationship directions were particularly telling this month.

Your Wisdom direction has to do with choices you make for yourself.  This year Jasmine had the Conflict Star on her Wisdom direction meaning decisions she made for herself and opinions she had were likely to create arguments, disagreements and problems for her.

As it turns out one of those decisions was to marry Ryan earlier this year.  After just a few weeks the marriage was annulled.

It’s not too surprising actually because Jasmine’s Relationship direction has the Illness Star on it meaning her relationships would require a lot more work on her part to go smoothly.  It also means her relationships were likely to be draining mentally, emotionally and/or physically. 

As for Ryan he had the Star of New Beginnings on his Wisdom direction meaning decisions and choices he made for himself were likely to lead to something new.  That ‘something new’ turned out to be a lot of things: marriage, supposedly killing his ex-wife, running from the law and taking his own life.

As for his Relationship direction he had the Windfall Star on it this year.  But this Star can create a sense of entitlement or authority over the relationship you’re in and can create problems as well as make some people overbearing.  It seems this may be what happened with Ryan.

As for the timing of Jasmine’s murder and Ryan’s suicide during August it seems the monthly Stars were working to support the difficult yearly Stars affecting Ryan and Jasmine. 

Here’s what I mean.

During August the yearly and monthly Flying Stars on Jasmine’s Relationship direction created problems between husband and wife.  Even though Jasmine was no longer married to Ryan their relationship was not over, apparently in his mind at least, and any kind of get together between them was more likely to be volatile.

On top of this Ryan’s Relationship direction had a yearly/monthly Flying Star combination that created unexpected disaster and mental stress.  It’s very possible that if they did have a fight in August he just lost it and killed her. 

Since he had a history of voilence these Stars very likely acted like a trigger for both of them. 

Flying Star feng shui affects all of us differently and fortunately other people who have these same Flying Stars on their Wisdom and Relationship directions are just fine.  The other good thing about feng shui Flying Stars is that their are remedies for the negative Stars like the Conflict and Illness Stars which can help considerably.

Find out what your Flying Stars have in store for you and how you can use feng shi to work with them here:


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jay singh
    Aug 24, 2009 @ 19:43:23


    isn’t it amazing how profound these things can be.

    I have been a sceptic, but have had experience recently which are hard to ignore.

    I know that it plays a part, but looking at examples like these, shines light on how powerful this element can be.

    Thanks Chriss


    • cbarr121
      Aug 24, 2009 @ 19:49:51

      I can relate Jay. I worked for 15 years in corporate America, have an MBA and managed $ for wealthy entrepreneurs most of my life. But there’s a reason feng shui has been around 5,000 years. The guys who discovered this were using astronomy in really profound ways.
      I like to think of feng shui as another handy tool to look to for information and insight. You still have to use your judgement and facts to round it all out.


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