The Feng Shui Problem with Cash for Clunkers

clunkerJust a few weeks ago the federal government’s Cash for Clunkers program was all the rage.  Car dealers couldn’t be happier and it got U.S. consumers into the dealerships to trade in their 2004 Chevy that only got 25 miles to the gallon (the government’s definition of a cluncker) for a brand new Toyota that gets 29 miles to the gallon.  Try not to be overwhelmed by the logic and gas savings.  I know it’s mind boggling.

Well it seems the tide has turned and the car dealers who were all aglow in praise are now criticizing the program.  As of this past Thursday only 7 percent of the money the government has promised to give dealers in the Cash For Clunckers program has been paid out.  That means $2.8 billion out of $3 billion has yet to be sent to cash starved dealers who willingly went along with this plan.

Dealers are now worried that the government won’t actually pay them at all and so as of tomorrow quite a few of them have decided to close the doors on the whole clunker deal  until they start seeing some dough. 

But they shouldn’t expect to get paid back anytime soon if Flying Star feng shui has anything to say about it.  Here’s why:

This year the area of the bagua tied to government has the Robbery Star on it.  The Robbery Star means loss of money which can be through theft, an increase in expenses, loss of revenue, etc.  We’ve seen this happen all year long with local, state and the federal government’s financial woes, the drying up of tax revenue from businesses closing and real estate values falling, a huge increase in deficit spending and on and on it goes. This Robbery Star sits on government until early February 2010 so we haven’t seen the end of this Star’s effects by any means.

The area of the bagua tied to the auto industry has the Star of New Beginnings on it.  We’ve also seen this with the top 3 car makers.  All three have or are working to restructure their businesses to make a new start.  Just because they’ve restructuring doesn’t mean they’ll be successful it just means they have new opportunities to turn things around.  What they do with that opportunity is up to them.

Now in feng shui there are monthly Flying Stars too and these Stars can influence the effect of the yearly Flying Stars.  In July when the Cash For Clunkers program began the government had double Robbery Stars on it.  This meant extra spending, even less revenue and loss of money through government spending.  When double Robbery Stars are on you or your industry it is not the time to be spending money.  In fact you really need to be cutting back on spending and re-working your budget to live within your means.  This is what the government should be doing all year, not just in July.

At the same time the car industry had double New Beginnings Stars on it meaning a great time to figure out what you’re going to do to move forward in your business, plan for the future, create a new marketing plan, etc.  It turns out that that the ‘New Beginning’ the auto dealers were relying on was the government’s Cash for Clunkers program and since the government has no money the ‘new beginning’ turned out to be a false start.

Here’s the tough part.   Those dealers who are afraid the government may not pay them back for the clunkers they took on trade may not be wrong.  That’s because the rest of the year doesn’t get any better as far as finances and government go.  In fact September is likely to be a disaster (just remember you heard it here first) so don’t be surprised if we hear more bad news about the economy, or a push to pass another TARP-like bill or worse. 

The auto dealers should have a good September if they can come up with a long-term plan not a short term band-aid but they’ll need to brace themselves for October, November (it’s possible government takeover of more auto manufacturers could happen this month) and December because those months are going to be rough if they’re not ready.

Oh, and guess what, the U.S. government is proposing doing a Cash for Clunkers program for appliances this fall.  Brilliant.

The thing is that there are feng shui remedies for the upcoming Flying Stars on the car industry and government as well as feng shui remedies for the Robbery and New Beginnings Stars on them for the year.  Since feng shui represents 1/3 of your total luck wouldn’t you want to use these remedies even if you thought it was hokey given that this year has not exactly been a smooth ride?  I don’t know about you but I’d risk looking foolish for the opportunity to make my life 33% easier. 

The next step after that would be to implement decisions that make sense long-term not just for two weeks.  In feng shui we call that using your Human Luck and it goes hand in hand with feng shui. 

If you want to find out how to find the Flying Stars in your home and office and what to do about them go here:


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