Perfect Feng Shui of Woodstock and the Moon Walk

Today is the 40th anniversary of Woodstock and people all over the internet are talking about it.  After seeing Ann Curry’s Woodstock documentary last week and finding Time Magazine’s 4oth Anniversary Special Time 1969 I decided to look at the feng shui of Woodstock and man’s first walk on the moon to see what, if anything, triggered such an eventful year.

It turns out that the timing of Woodstock could not have occured any other month in 1969.  You may think it’s a ‘coincidence’ that this historic event happened in August but there is actually some feng shui behind it as well.

You see Woodstock, NY is located in the northeast part of the United States.  Back in 1969 the Feng Shui Flying Star sitting in the northeast was the Trust Star and the northeast is the area of the feng shui ba gua tied to inner wisdom and spiritual growth, the ideal place for LSD trips and self realization right?

On top of that month of August has it’s own Flying Star, the Star of Wisdom,  and the Wisdom Star combined with the Trust Star was the perfect combination for romance for young adults.  A less politically correct way of explaining it is that this combination was ideal for crazy hot monkey sex.  There is no other month of the year this combination existed for such an event.

And since the northeast is the area of Inner Wisdom using drugs to ‘find the Truth’ during the year that the Truth Star was there, also makes perfect sense as well.

So the timing of Woodstock, both year and month, were perfectly aligned with the feng shui in that part of the U.S.

Our first venture to the moon was also perfectly timed.  From 1964 to 1983 the whole planet was in what we call Period 6 in feng shui (every 20 years we move to a new Period) and Period 6 is all about space, the moon, the stars and astronomy.  It’s also about leadership.

John F. Kennedy was the leader who set the space program in motion and the timing of the landing on the moon was ideal just as the timing of Woodstock was ideal.  The Apollo 11 team of Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldren landed on the moon July 16, 1969.

That year the Flying Star sitting on the area of the ba gua that represents space and astronomy was the Transformation Star.  The month that the landing took place the Transformation Star was joined by the Relationship Star and the moon landing not only transformed our nation but transformed our relationships with each other and the world.  The U.S. became the leader (note the leadership connection with Period 6) in the space race.

Again, all perfect feng shui timing.

In feng shui timing can be everything because it can determine whether things go your way or the wrong way.  Find out how you can put your feng shui timing to use here:


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