Why Fans are Gaga for This Lady

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

You may have heard of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.  She goes by the name Lady Gaga in music circles and she’s highly entertaining.  Being in my 40s I lack appreciation for her music but her flair for the dramatic, her creativity and stage presence is incredible. 

In fact MTV just nominated her for 9 video music awards which is pretty amazing considering no one really ever heard of her until last year.

And this is a great year for her to be getting this kind of recognition when it comes to her personal feng shui

In 2009 Lady Gaga has the Relationship Star on her Relationship direction and the Abundance Star on her Success direction.  This combination of Flying Stars is terrific for gaining new fans (if you’re in the entertainment industry) and making money through your work. 

On top of that Lady Gaga’s Relationship direction is tied to Fame and Recognition meaning her fans and even people in the music industry will be giving her awards and recognizing her in a public way.  The MTV nominations make perfect sense for her this year and don’t be surprised if she wins them all. 

She’ll want to make sure that she invests her earnings wisely this year and locks in any contracts that may come her way before February 2010 because next year everything changes.  She’ll have the Robbery Star on her Success (less money coming in or even a loss in revenue) and the Conflict Star on her Relationship direction (meaning she may do something to annoy her fans or turn people against her even if it’s just looking at someone the wrong way). 

The good news is she can level out next year’s speed bumps with the right feng shui remedies and even use feng shui activations to support the positive Flying Stars that are on her side right now.

She’s not the only one because you can do this too.  Just go here and get your Flying Star information for 2009 and beyond.


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