Twitter’s Feng Shui

Twitter has been in the news a lot lately.  First there was talk in the media about the spread of swine flu information on Twitter earlier this year.  Then Oprah discovered Twitter and millions of new Tweeple joined.  Michael Jackson’s passing and play by plays of his life and funeral could be read every few seconds by logging onto Twitter and now the news websites are reporting that NFL fans are getting training camp insights through Twitter rather than waiting for the nightly news. 

Twitter has become a technology celebrity!

The interesting thing is that this year’s feng shui supports hard work and effort in the area of technology which Twitter is certainly putting forth this year.  Every time I turn around they’re making another change or upgrading their platform to accomodate more users.

All this publicity they’re getting is really just the tip of the iceberg because beginning in 2010 the feng shui changes and the Flying Star of New Beginnings lands in their lap.

For Twitter this can mean expanding into new technology territory, being bought out by another company, merging with another partner or coming up with some new or innovative idea that changes the face of Twitter.  In any case it’s all good.

But this feng shui New Beginnings Star isn’t just limited to Twitter.  In fact it affects all areas of technology.  For some tech companies it will mean restructuring or starting over.  For others it will mean new discoveries in tech that could bring them major name recognition in 2011.

Whenever the New Beginning Star lands on an industry you can expect exciting changes that’s for sure.  This Flying Star gives you the opportunity to clear the soil and plant the seeds that lead to new opportunities.

But Flying Stars aren’t just limited to businesses.  They affect you too.  In fact the Flying Stars on your personal Success, Health, Relationship and Wisdom directions increase the odds of certain opportunities coming your way.  Not only that but there are feng shui activations you can use to incease those odds even more.  That’s the beauty of feng shui!

If you want to find out what your feng shui Flying Stars have in store for you get yourself a reading at and then tweet about it to your followers.

See you on Twitter!


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