The Professor and the Police

Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Another racial controversy is under scrutiny and this time it’s in the world of academia.  Highly esteemed Yale professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. was arrested for breaking into his own home.

Come again?  Yep, you heard right.  Apparently Gates was having trouble getting into his home after a trip to China.  The door was stuck so he  and the driver who took him home from the airport had to force their way in.  The police said they got a call about a break in and  sent a police officer who thought that one of Time Magazine’s “25 Most Influential People” was a burglar.

Why this story had to go beyond this point we may never know.  You’d think that Gates’ ID would have proved he lived there and that would be the end of it. 

But unfortunately the story didn’t end well.  Gates ended up in cuffs and was charged with disorderly conduct for asking the officer what his name and badge numbers were.  Since Gates couldn’t charge the officer with anything he just accused him of being racist.  The charges were dropped but not the talk about the incident.

So why all the hassle for Professor Gates right now?  Well his feng shui isn’t really working for him this month and it’s mainly due to one particular Flying Star…the Conflict Star.

Gates has this troublesome Star on his Success direction this year.  There also happens to be a second Conflict Star on his Success direction this month.  And finally there’s a Conflict Star over the northeastern part of the United States, right where the good professor lives.

Triple whammy.

And the Conflict Star isn’t an easy feng shui Star to remedy either.  It brings arguments, jealousy, lawsuits…you get the idea. 

So with all of these Flying Stars on his back and all of the trouble they bring it’s not surprising that something like this happened to him. 

The good news is that he has the Windfall Star on his Relationship direction meaning people will be quick to come to his defense and rescue.  It also means that despite the charges made against him they weren’t likely to stick (that’s kind of a no brainer anyway but the feng shui just made it even easier for him).

There are nine different feng shui Flying Stars and they affect your personal Success, Health, Relationships and Wisdom in different ways each year and even each month.

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