Africa’s Destiny

Today on Twitter I sent out a message telling people about this crazy blog and asked if anyone had a current event they wanted me to look into.  Well, here is the first of two blogs I’ll be writing as a result.  This one is courtesy of @RonJohnD (follow him on Twitter).

RonJohnD asked if I would look at Obama’s hopes for Africa.  This is a tricky one because what someone else wants for you is irrelevant in feng shui (and pretty much in life) so what the country or continent wants for itself will have a huge bearing on events.

Africa is made up of over 40 countries so I’d have to look at all 40 countries one by one to see what the feng shui says about each.  Rather than do that since it would take hours let’s look at this year’s feng shui for the African continent.

If you look at a flat map of the world you’ll see that Africa sit smack dab in the middle.  Taking this map and drawing a tic-tac-toe symbol over it you’ll see that Africa falls mostly in the center box, partly in the southern box and a tiny smidge in the northern box.

This tic-tac-toe symbol is what we call a ba gua (pronounced bah gwah) in feng shui.  It’s like a blue print and each box represents something different including an area of life, a family member, an area of your body, etc.

There is also another type of feng shui called Flying Star.  There are 9 Flying Stars and each one sits in a box in the ba gua.  There are yearly Flying Stars which sit in a box for the whole year and then there are monthly Flying Stars which change their positions each month.

Ok, so back to Africa’s feng shui for the year.  In 2009 the Flying Star of fire sits in the center box.  This creates heated arguments, fighting, bombings and other unfortunate feng shui energy for the continent. 

This fire energy is also not conducive to agriculture this year as it ‘burns up’ the crops.  This is particularly difficult for Africa given agriculture is their main source of revenue. 

The southern part of the ba gua which includes South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and part of Mozambique has a much better feng shui Star – the Relationship Star.  Any human rights improvements, meetings with other countries and efforts to strengthen diplomatic ties is great for these countries this year. 

And they’ll want to make sure that they have their meetings and proposed changes done this year because next year it will not be easy to accomplish these things.  People will not be as willing to help or listen in 2010.

As for the long-term outlook for the continent well, Africa sits in the center gua and the center is all about balance.  In fact it is represented by the yin/yang symbol and also represents the heart of the planet.   When President Obama said, “What happens here has an impact everywhere” he was absolutely right.

 So, yes, in time (but who knows how long) it is possible for Africa to come back into balance and take charge of it’s own destiny.  In fact, it happens to be Africa’s destiny.

Chriss Barr is a Feng Shui and Dowsing Expert as well as the Best  Selling Author of 4 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Love Life & Fatten Your Wallet available here:


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ron Davidson
    Jul 11, 2009 @ 12:18:46

    Where to start?
    I didn’t really know anything about Feng Shui, your reply has helped me appreciate it.
    I understand why you looked at the whole rather than the separate countries.
    I can see that a lot of the current problems work against the self-sufficiency wish of Obama’s.
    I liked the reality in your analysis – however much we might wish the best for the Continent, but it is really what they want, hope and wish for.
    But does the energy of our wishes help in any way?
    I believe Africa’s central position affects us all and in more ways than we currently know.
    If the archaeologists have got it right, it is thought provoking to realize that Africa is our origin.

    THANK YOU Chriss – I’m impressed at what you were able to write in such a short time.

    Ron aka (RonJohnD)


    • cbarr121
      Jul 11, 2009 @ 12:31:23

      I believe anything is possible. A group of 25,000 (?) people meditating in Washington D.C. brought the crime rate down 25% one summer. If that’s possible then helping Africa is possible too. The challenge is how do you keep a project like this going long-term?

      Like an alcoholic, drug addict or anyone else self destructing on purpose they’ve got to want to change. That means changing the culture and changing the leadership. Quite a tall order.


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