Swine Flu May Not Be As Bad as the Cure

Sigh, the federal government is at it again.  This time they want to save us from Swine Flu for fear it may be the next pandemic of 1918. 

The Obama adminstration came out today to say that a Swine Flu vaccine is in production, testing will begin in August and if all goes well the vaccine will be made available mid-October. 

Given that the pharmaceutical company Baxter did a bang-up job contaminating the last flu vaccine with the H5N1 and killing a boat load of people in Eastern Europe and some lab ferrets I’m not too keen on taking their ‘new’ vaccine.

But the national news hinted that the vaccine may be mandatory.  France has supposedly already initiated a mandate for all its citizens. 

In addition to Baxter’s ‘mishap’ I’m not too keen on mandatory flu shots this year because of the Flying Star feng shui.

Vaccines come in liquid form and this year the Disaster Star sits on the area of the feng shui ba gua (think tic-tac-toe symbol and each square represents something different) tied to liquids and water.  The months that are most troublesome this year are February, April, July, October, November, and December.

Guess when Baxter’s contaminated vaccine was discovered.  February 2009.  Guess when the news about it came out.  April 2009– Coincidence? 

Since the Disaster Star means just that, there could be big problems with masses of people receiving these shots and the timing of an October launch is really troubling.  The reason isn’t just because of the Disaster Star for the year but because the Illness Star is on liquids/water for the month of October. 

November isn’t any better and December is worse.  If shots do become mandatory and you find out your government officials are not vaccinating themselves or their families think long and hard before you get in line.

Also keep in mind that there are 3 kinds of luck:

  • 1/3 is Heaven luck (destiny/fate)
  • 1/3 is Human luck (how you choose to live your life, actions you take, people you associate with, etc.)
  • 1/3 is Earth luck (feng shui, meaning how your environment supports you — or not)

Knowing this it helps to not buy into the panic that seems to be reappearing about the Swine flu.  It helps to take care of your body.  And it helps to put up your feng shui remedies because this reduces the effects of the Disaster Star for the year considerably.

The best way to remedy the Disaster Star is to hang a 6 rod metal wind chime in the North area of your home and office this year and you’ll want to get a large one (36″ or longer). 

If your front door is in the north area of your home or the door to your office is in the north area of your building find another door to use this year.

If your bedroom is in the north area of your home find another place to sleep at least until early January.

Feng shui Flying Stars change every year so making these changes (if you need to) is only temporary and since you have nothing to lose they’re worth doing.


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