Robbery & Disaster Create Violent Ending

  Steve McNair

Steve McNair

Another tragic shooting occurred this week and this time it was former quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, Steve McNair, that was the victim.  It appears his girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi, killed McNair then turned the gun on herself.

The article I read said that Kazemi was distraught over financial problems and believed McNair was seeing someone else.  The authorities believe the stress sent her over the edge.

The personal feng shui of Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi point specifically to such a tragic event.  I would call it ‘odd’ if I wasn’t so used to seeing the feng shui story behind so many real life scenes after all these years.

Here’s what I mean.  Steve McNair had a very difficult feng shui Flying Star working against him this year: the Disaster Star.  And what’s worse is that it this Disater Star affected him twice. 

Feng shui Flying Stars have a predictive ability to them and can give you insight into what is possible for you for the coming year and even month to month. 

First, this Disaster Star was on McNair’s Relationship direction.  Whenever this feng shui Star is on your Relationships it indicates big changes are going to take place and it usually means someone leaves your life – either by moving, through death or you just lose interest in each other.

On top of this the Disaster Star is on middle aged men for the year and in feng shui this means 30-60 year old men… and guess what?  McNair was a middle aged man. 

This means that major changes are in store for this demographic of society this year.  More 30-60 year old men will lose their jobs, experience fatalities, and have accidents on the water than other groups of people in society this year. 

This double ‘Disaster’ on McNair’s Relationship direction and on him as a middle aged man manifested itself as being fatally shot by his girlfriend. 

Feng shui also points to Sahel Kazemi’s financial worries this year.  In 2009 the feng shui Robbery Star is on her Relationship direction meaning that loss of money and financial problems will affect her Relationships.  But what’s more is that the Robbery Star is also associated with violence and weapons. 

So the Robbery Star on Kazemi’s Relationships points to the stress money put on her Relationships and specifically to her relationship with McNair.  For her it proved to be too much and turned violent.

It’s also no surprise that Kazemi snapped when she did because this month the energy of the Disaster and Robbery Stars doubled.  Double Disaster, Double Violence.  

When these feng shui Stars double and you are not mentally stable, your relationships are treading on thin ice, your financial picture is bleak or you’re having other major problems this feng shui energy is  just too much to handle (unless you’re using your feng shui remedies). 

I believe this is what happened to Sahel Kazemi.

Other people have these same feng shui Stars on their Relationship directions and they’re doing fine.  That’s because feng shui is 33% of your total luck, not all of it.

You’re also supported by your Heaven Luck (think destiny/fate) and Human Luck (how you choose to live your life, friends you choose, decisions you make for yourself). 

The challenge is that we tend to only focus on our Human Luck and forget about the rest.  With feng shui you get to tap into the other 66 percent and take better control of your life.  Find out more here:


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