Tiger Woods – Comedian

   Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

We all know Tiger Woods can play golf but did you know he has a sense of humor too?  If you haven’t seen the video of him interviewing himself after his latest win you can see it here: http://sports.yahoo.com/golf/blog/devil_ball_golf/post/Tiger-Woods-puts-the-sports-media-out-of-a-job?urn=golf,174907

What’s interesting about this is that it ties right into Tiger’s feng shui energy number (also known as Kua number).  You have a feng shui number that is based on your birthday, and like Tiger, it reveals interesting information about you.

In Tiger’s case his energy number is tied to Children, Creativity, Humor, Technology and the Mouth.  No wonder he has such a fabulous smile and now he’s revealing a little more of his playful side too.

In fact, when he let’s his playful side show it actually helps him to ‘feed his soul’ so to speak, because this frequency (energy) is who he is at his soul level.

It’s also no wonder that he won the AT&T National event this month and the Memorial Tournament last month.  Not only is he one of the world’s top golfers (if not the top) he also has the Windfall Star on his Health direction this year.  Since his profession is sports his feng shui Health direction is very important to his success in golf and this year the Windfall Star makes it even easier to win ‘from out of nowhere’ even if he is at the back of the pack initially.  July is a particulaly good month for him this year.

He also needs good caddies and coaches to be successful because his Health direction is tied to Relationships.  Without supportive people in his golf career it would be tough for him from a feng shui perspective and he would have to put in more effort physically.  This is why his father’s support of him at such an early age helped Tiger so much in his career as a golfer now.

His Relationship direction is all about teachers and inner wisdom.  He will connect best with people who he can learn from, whether it’s about golf, cooking, car repair or anything else.  This keeps him interested in other people.  If he’s not learning something from those around him (whether it’s formally or informally) he’s likely to lose interest.

And then there’s his Success direction.  This is all about travelling, mentors and helpful people.  The travel that’s required for his profession and the mentoring he received from his father and other men in his life greatly supports his chosen career.

Interesting isn’t it? 

Your personal feng shui energy number says a lot about you and getting your Personal 12 Month Feng Shui Outlook can help you to better understand who you are as well as how your feng shui supports you in life.

Isn’t it time you knew more about yourself?  Find out here: Your Personal Feng Shui Outlook.


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