Lucky Girl Survives Yemen Plane Crash

Yesterday one lone survivor was rescued at sea from the Yemeni Airbus 310 plane crash off the island of Comoros in the Indian Ocean.  Her name is Bahai Bakari and she’s 14 years old.  She is one lucky girl and she has the feng shui to prove it.

If you’ve read my previous blogs you know this is year the odds of deadly plane crashes are a lot higher and July could very well be the worst month of all.  This is because the feng shui Flying Stars associated with danger in the skies doubles this month.

As for Bahia her feng shui helped her in yesterday’s crash.  This year she has the Long-term Abundance Star on her health.  This is like having safety gear on you all year long.  At the time of the crash the energy of this Star was doubled providing double protection for her.

Oddly enough Bahai also had the feng shui Star tied to flight and fire on her Health direction too. 

Her Relationship direction has a very troublesome feng shui Flying Star on it this year and that’s the Disaster Star.  Her Relationship direction happens to be linked to water.  Put them together and you get a higher chance of something dangerous happening to people you know around the water.  Bahia’s mother, who was on the flight with her, died in the crash over the Indian Ocean.

But why did Bahia, who said she was not a good swimmer, survive and how in the world was she found? We can look at feng shui for answers here too.

At the time of the crash she had the feng shui Windfall Star on her Relationship direction for the month.  This means a favorable event is more likely to land in your lap through people you know or new relationships. 

The combination of the Disaster/Windfall Stars on her Relationship direction created a truly yin/yang situation allowing the rescuers to find Bahia after this tragic event.  She is a very lucky girl.

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